Hi, all! I decided to just get it done and make this comparison so I didn't need to look it up every single time! Since Azog and Bolg depart so heavily from their book counterparts, I decided to write this so people would stop getting confused about who was in what, and what was ruled by who. Will it help? Probably not. It's also featured on my profile for the time being.

Canon Azog:

  • Died in T.A. 2799, approximately 142 years before the Hobbit begins
  • Was the leader of the Moria clan
  • Killed Thrór, eventually causing the Battle of Azanulbizar and ultimately his death
  • Head sliced off by Dáin
  • Strong Orc

Jackson's Azog "The Defiler"

  • Died approximately 142 years after the Battle of Azanulbizar
  • Leader of like, anything Sauron wasn't
  • Killed Thrór during the Battle of Azanulbizar, causing you to wonder what caused it in the first place
  • Hand sliced off by Thorin, and ultimately killed by said Dwarf 142 years later
  • The most powerful Orc to ever exist, so strong he could probably take on a Balrog


Canon Bolg:

  • Actually a character in the Hobbit
  • Primary leader of the Orcs in the Battle of Five Armies
  • Son of Azog, wishes to avenge his death
  • Killed by Beorn
  • Not much is known, leaving a great deal to be developed for an interesting character

Movie Bolg:

  • Eats slightly less steroids than daddy Azog
  • Secondary villain
  • Motivation: "Bolg like to smash Dwarves"
  • Heck, I don't even remember how he died. Was he even in the movie? Did I just dream him up?
  • No expansion or development whatsoever.

And that's all the major differences. You might be able to tell that I'm a firm believer that Bolg should've been the main Orc villain of the Hobbit films. It would've been more canon, made more sense, and would have more room for non-lore breaking character development.

That's all, good day!