As I stated previously in the Tour of my Cozy Cottage blog post, I said I would do another region spotlight post, and, well, I've definitely kept my word. This time, the region that I wish to feature is going to be a very hot, dry, scorching desert. It's Near Harad, the home of the Southrons.

Where is it?

Near Harad is located some distance south of Gondor, and north of Far Harad. It's very similar to the Sahara desert of the real world, with a few important differences. Firstly, you will find various Southron Men and their camps throughout the desert. Secondly, by nightfall, there are many scorpions to think about.

What do you like about this region?

Well, I don't really like this region of Middle-Earth very much, and I don't like deserts much in real life, either. They're simply too hot and dry for my taste, and I much prefer wooded areas of the world, with rivers and lakes. The only thing that this desert is useful for in my case is for getting a few cacti for brewing Cactus Liqueur.

Any advice for travellers?

Don't travel during the daytime! If you do, you'll simply get yourself roasted, unless you're wearing a Near Harad Robe to keep yourself cool. Travelling at night is somewhat safer, but don't think you're safe then either. The desert is crawling with poisonous scorpions at that time, and they don't drop anything useful, although, you can get a Bottle of Poison if you're quick enough and are holding a glass bottle.