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After lots of hard work, it is time for another update of my Mordor map. Alongside the existing Minas Morgul and the fortresses in Udun, there are several new additions in the western Mountains of Shadow to be explored. This includes:

  • The Pass of Cirith Ungol - Including the Straight Stair, a pass, the Winding Stair, and Shelob's Lair in full from Minas Morgul to the Tower.
  • The Tower of Cirith Ungol - As seen above, in full detail.
  • Morgul-Watch - A watchpost on the edge of the Morgul Vale, irreverently built in an old statue of Isildur.
  • Morgai-Fort - A small Orc-Fort on the western slopes of the Morgai, home to Orc-Trackers.
  • North-Camp - A large Orc-camp on the road south from Carach Angren.
  • South-Camp - Another camp on Sauron's Road.
  • Morigost - A watchfort built high in caves in the peak of the easternmost mountain on the Maegond Spur.


Enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled, because the two most important features of Mordor are next...

Gen. Grievous1138 (LOTR Mod Wiki Admin) comlink 23:18, July 5, 2017 (UTC)