Hey guys,

This is a post containing much more information than my last one. 

We all know that Mevans isn't planning on adding Valinor and the Valarin equipment anytime soon. So I'm not pushing for him to. These are simply some textures I designed. Some of them are similar to a few other people's textures, I am not trying to steal them. I just saw them and thought they would look cool if I altered them to fit my Valarin theme (which I have more of FYI, more to come) Please note that there are a wide variety of weapons here because I hope that when Valinor is added it will be a diverse place with a very mixed culture because that is how I have always seen it.


The images are quite small so you may want to enlarge the image. 

The weapons are seen from left to right, and top to bottom:

1. Valarin Commander Sword

2. Valarin Bow

3. Valarin Saber/Sabre

4. Valarin Battle axe V.1

5. Valarin Battle axe V.2

6. Valarin Warhammer

7. Valarin Axe V.1

8. Valarin Axe V.2

9. Valarin Shield

10. Valarin Commander Shield 

11. Valarin Sword

12. Valarin Glaive

13. Valarin Spear

14. Valarin Long-Knife

15. Valarin Scimitar

16. Valarin Dagger

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