Uruk Sappers are a class of Uruk that are very similar to Mordor and Angmar Orc Bombardiers; they are equipped with the Fire of Orthanc. They have the same armor values, but the Uruk Sappers are much stronger in that they have far greater health.


Sappers will spawn anywhere that normal Uruks will spawn, but they are significantly rarer, and run quite a bit faster, even more so once they have dropped their load. They will ignore any player with an Isengard alignment of 0 or higher, but if they catch sight of a player with an Uruk alignment of -1 or lower, they will walk up to the player (their sight range is 16 blocks), and when they get suitably close, they'll drop their Orc Bomb, light it, and run. In about two or three seconds this bomb will go off, doing great damage to the environment, and any players or NPC's in the area. When their bomb has gone off, they'll switch to a Uruk Scimitar (if they're still alive) and attack in a manner similar to regular Uruks.If you have hired Uruk sappers who have used up their bombs, interacting with the Uruks while holding a bomb (Any kind of bombs, even fire bombs!) will give him the bomb you are holding.

If you manage to kill an Uruk sapper before he drops his bomb, you'll earn the Achievement "Bring Him Down!".


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Rotten Flesh Common 1-2 Rotten Flesh
Orc Bone Common 1 OrcBone
Orc Draught Uncommon 1 Orc Draught
Maggoty Bread Uncommon 1-2 Maggoty Bread
Uruk Steel Ingot Uncommon 1 Uruk Steel Ingot
Orc Torch Uncommon 1 Orc Torch
Uruk Scimitar Rare 1 ScimitarUruk
Uruk Helmet Rare 1 HelmetUruk
Uruk Chestplate Rare 1 BodyUruk
Uruk Leggings Rare 1 LegsUruk
Uruk Boots Rare 1 BootsUruk


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