Uruk Brick is a type of block added in Beta 20. It naturally spawns in Uruk-hai structures such as Uruk camps and Uruk Warg pits. They can also be crafted.

Like many other bricks, Uruk bricks can also be crafted into Uruk brick walls, slabs, and stairs.


Uruk crafting recipe
Uruk Crafting
Uruk Brick

Uruk bricks, and its products that can be made with it, must all be crafted on a Uruk crafting table. The recipe for four Uruk bricks requires four stone. The recipes for Uruk brick walls, slabs, and stairs are the same as those in vanilla Minecraft.


Uruk brick blocks and its products.

Uruk Hai Shield  The Battalions of Isengard  Uruk Banner

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