Trading is a feature of the mod that allows you to buy and sell items with traders, using silver coins as a universal currency. Each type of trader buys and sells different items, and certain conditions dependent on the trader must be met in order to trade with them - for example, to trade with Hobbit Bartenders, your alignment with Hobbits must not be below 0.

The items a trader sells or buys and even the prices can vary strongly from trader to trader so it is advised to look around and see if you can find another trader with better prices.

Note that if you trade excessively with one trader, their trades will become temporarily unavailable; this happens faster if you trade valuable items. Locked trades will re-open after a while, however. This feature was added in Public Beta 24 to prevent exploitation of the trading system.

Upon earning 1,000 coins from a single trade, the player earns the achievement "Filthy Rich" and the title "Filthy Rich."


To trade, right-click the trader and the trading screen will be displayed.

As of Public Beta 22, traders will also exchange coins for you.


The items in the top of the screen represent the items the trader has to offer you, in exchange for the price specified underneath. These prices may vary between different traders. To buy an item, simply click and drag it into your inventory, assuming you have the right amount of coins to buy it. Note that in the case of item stacks containing multiple items for sale, the price shown is that for the entire stack. (For example: with the trader shown above, five coins would buy all eight pieces of pipeweed.)

Traders do not run out of stock so you can buy more of the same item immediately following your first purchase. You can even shift-click the item to buy as much of it as possible using the coins you have, but be careful you do not accidentally spend too much.


The lower nine slots in the trading inventory are for selling items to the trader and are empty by default. You can try placing various items here to see if they interest the trader, and if so, the price they offer for each item will be displayed below the slot. This price will be multiplied by the size of the stack you offer for sale, and the full amount of coins available for selling everything in your slots is displayed next to the sell button. Pressing this button will convert all the items to coins and add the coins to your inventory (if your inventory is filled, the remaining coins will be dropped as items on the ground).

You can find out which items the trader will buy from you by hovering your mouse over the '?' button on the screen, but as of Public Beta 30, all items are shown without any need to hover over buttons.

Note that the items you offer are still yours until you press the sell button, so you can take them out of the slots if you change your mind. Also note that as of Public Beta 24, a trader will only sell or buy a limited number of any one item before the trade becomes temporarily locked. This is to prevent the unrealistic occurrence of players repeatedly selling enormous amounts of an item to the point that the trader would not actually use it. Because of this cool down, note it is best to sell as much of an item as you can fit in the trader’s inventory at once. For example if you are selling several stacks of salt to a Hobbit Bartender, instead of selling it one stack at a time, which will lock the trade before you are done, sell it all at once (provided that it fits in the sell offers area). The trade will still become locked but not before you have sold all you needed to sell.

When the total sum of your sold items is worth more than 1000 coins, you'll earn yourself the achievement "Filthy Rich".

Coin ExchangeEdit

As of Public Beta 22, all item traders are able to exchange coins. There are coins with the value of 1, 10 and 100 in the mod. Select "Exchange Coins" from the traders menu. Put the coins you want to exchange in the middle slot. Since Public Beta 29 you first have to click on the left or right arrow of the GUI in order to get your coins changed. You can now grab the exchanged coins from the left or right slot. The change remains in the middle slot.

In the example, there are 24 coins (10) in the middle slot, worth 240. You can

  • Take 2 coins (100) out of the right slot, leaving 4 coins (10) in the middle (2*100 + 4*10 = 240)
  • Take 24 coins (10) out of the middle slot, cancelling the exchange (24*10 = 240)
  • Take 60 coins (1) out of the left slot, leaving 18 coins (10) in the middle (60*1 + 18*10 = 240)

Note: You cannot change more than one full stack at once.

Note: When you buy something and have no small coins, the money will be changed automatically as necessary.


Lord of the Rings Mod Gameplay Mechanics Trading

Lord of the Rings Mod Gameplay Mechanics Trading

A video describing how to trade in the Lord of the Rings Mod.


Types of item traders that can currently be found in Middle-earth in alphabetical order:

(for unit traders, see here)



Neutral Edit

* These traders travel Middle-Earth. See the page Travelling Traders for more details.

See the traders' individual pages for information on where to find them and what they will trade with you, as well as other information.

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