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    For some time now i wondered if there was a small share of content missing from Arnor and i found out that Arnor is missing Arnor pillar blocks and Arnor pikes that all the other factions have already but Arnor doesn't due to unknown reasons but i believe it's a just reason to add those two missing parts to Arnor.

    P.S ik that these are kinda separate from each other and many would say make a separate suggestion for each, but people rly a suggestion for a single block and another one for a single weapon?

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    • No offense meant, but both of your suggestions are less than great. First of all, "all the other factions" do not have pikes. The LotR mod exclusive weapons such as pikes often go to certain factions but not others - note Elven Battlestaffs. Secondly, there is already an endorsed suggestion on Arnorian pillars. Please note that I am not ​trying to act like a staff member, but instead am just trying to be help you avoid a verbal beratement.

      Cropped IHSB

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    • didn't know about another pillar suggestion, also i'm sure Arnor would have pikes in it's time :D

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    • Note Elven longspears, Equites. No offense intended, of course.

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    • Yep, longspears as well...the Elves have all the luck.

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    • Equites wrote:
      Yep, longspears as well...the Elves have all the luck.

      Eh, they don't have any heavy weapons such as maces or battle-axes, although battle-axes have been suggested for them. It kinda balances out elves getting the better range selection.

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    • i don't think Arnor would have battle-axes but surely pikes

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    • Well, even though my first choice for a faction is Arnor/Rangers of the North, I think it shouldn't be added (Pikes, Battleaxes, Pillars, Etc) because what is great about the Old Kingdom is that it's ruined and it no longer is unified as a Kingdom, some may love it because of the Armor and Weapons they can find. 

      In reality, Pikes and Battle Axes would be lost and broken down same with Pillars.

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    • Plus, a pike would probably decompose a lot more than a sword, since the shaft of the pike would be made of wood.

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    • Honestly, the Rangers should just get faction weapons though; lance, sword, and spear are all mentioned in the book.


      Dunedain of the North

      IthilionHeraldry Ithilion, Discussions Moderator(Auta i lómë) 16:43, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

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    • I see what you did there Ithilion :P i spent hours playing it ahahaha

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    • I personally don't see Rangers of 'stealth' using Heavy Lances, but you are the Lore Master. If this is true, please make a suggestion on it.

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    • Designed wrote:
      I personally don't see Rangers of 'stealth' using Heavy Lances, but you are the Lore Master. If this is true, please make a suggestion on it.

      They weren't just "Rangers of 'stealth'".  They most commonly relied on stealth, but that wasn't all they could do.  For instance, they helped out at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, if I am not mistaken.  You can't have much stealth in an open warzone like that.

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    • Besides Aragorn's woodcraftiness, there isn't much evidence of the rangers of the North fighting with stealth tbh

      IthilionHeraldry Ithilion, Discussions Moderator(Auta i lómë) 00:21, July 19, 2017 (UTC)

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    • @S'moregoth ~ Yes that is true, but I just don't see them like that even though they are.

      @High King ~ Read Above.

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