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On Dwarves and Dunland

  • Y,know how the dwarves lived in Dunland after Smaug rekt the dwarves in Erebor? Ya me too, thats why it doesnt make sence there isn't any dwarven stuff in Dunland? Yea i totally agree, this is why i proposed that there be dwarven ruins in Dunland, ruined dwarven mines, and dwarven towers (we all know what they contain). The dwarves didn't stay there too long through so i dont think ruins will have a large spawn rate, they shouldn't even have that much of spawn rate. BUT, there also should be Gundabad taken towers of those ruins. If anything there should be ruined Dunlending occupied towers that only spawns in Dunland. This makes sence to you all right? I hopes so D:

    Lord Agèos

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