The Wrath of Sauron is a LOTR roleplay/factions/survival server. It is owned by TheWitchKingx. The server is currently under development and has a small amount of players, but will be updated soon.


Here is a list of factions and their leaders. There is currently not a leader for each faction.

Faction Name Faction Leader Additional Members Additional Notes
Angmar Voxel_Knight (Roleplaying as the Witch-King) Also owns Minas Morgul
Gondor RoBlow (Roleplaying as Boromir) Has not joined yet
Wood-Elves Shadowcore (Roleplaying as Thranduil)
Mordor Catfishperson
High Elves Lord Epicus! (roleplaying as Gil-Galad)
Dol Guldur Morgul_Lord
Melkor TheWitchKingx (Owner)
Manwë Dolgukhor
Gundabad 7777c (Roleplaying as Azog)
Blue Mountains Igloowalker

(Roleplaying as Dwalin)

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