The name of the server is: The ip for the server is:


Introduction hi, I'm Gimbone, I lead this server with an admin team. We are all ready to help anyone with any questions and things you want to now, we will aid you all in what ever way we can, we won`t be banning people unless they really break some rules and do a lot of damage to the server. This server was set up because: 1. we want a nice community to play in. 2. to have fun! 3. so we can have good gameplay. This can be done with everyone who wants to join. The only rules we really have are: NO GRIEFING; Language, for the younger children. These are the two most important rules we don`t want broken.

PvP rules: 1.You may only use faction armours in combat. 2.Draughts are allowed in PvP if the other player(s) agrees to it. 3.You Can Kill anyone you want. {Be careful, it may lead to war} 4.Mithril is not allowed in combat, unless you are a leader of a faction.

Raiding/War/Sieging/hunts rules: 1. You can raid whoever you like, but if they have allies to help them In anyway they are allowed. 2. A War can be declared by leaders at anytime, but both faction leaders must be logged in for a battle to commence. 3. In sieges, fire {burning things} and explosives {blowing things up} will not be allowed. 4. Any Faction can go to war with any faction {Gondor to Rohan or, Gondor to Mordor}. 5. A hunt can be declared if you are in another kingdoms territory.

Claiming a Faction: There are requirements to be met to claim a faction. These are as follows: You Must have either a City, Town, or village. These are complete when they have: five houses, a stable, a blacksmith, a mine, 3 farms, a barn, an embassy, a Knights hall, a quarry, a lumberjack, a tavern, an inn, depending on a village/town/city, a wall, barracks, a vault, a town storage building an Academy {research building}, a library, a prison and - last but not least - a fortress. A fortress is complete when it has: a throne room, a feasting hall, a vault, a dungeon, leaders bed room, a cellar, a kitchen, a royal armoury, {if you have a custom faction: a custom faction room showing there armour and weapons} and that all.

We do hope you come and join us on The War For Middle Earth, thank you for your time.
Helms deep!