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Welcome! We are a heavy role-play and PvP server. We encourage you to use Tolkien's descriptions when building and doing other things.

To be further edited.

Owner - Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth - NittyNitwit/ Aeglis, Lofthungr of Dunland - MemerOfLotr

Co-Owner - Sigurdr, Jarl of North Dvnland - Bob_Peterson8000

Law-Admin -Rhakstahkor, God of the Dark and Death and Emperor of Darkness- harrywm

Head admin - SLEnergy6400

And more...!


  1. Racism, sexism, or any discrimination will result in a permanent ban (This includes making jokes about Cancer).
  2. No haxting.
  3. Use common sense.
  4. No fast traveling to enemy way-points with armies. This is just for extra lore.
  5. You can't claim to be king, contact NittyNitwit or Bob_Peterson8000 to apply.
  6. No griefing.
  7. No spawn or camp killing.
  8. Trust your gut. If you think it is wrong, don't do it.
  9. Excessive role-play is NOT appreciated (Harassing or any of the above/following is excessive role-play).
  10. Do not abuse creative mode (IE: no griefing or giving items).
  11. Please do not swear to much, we are a community.
  12. When someone tells you to stop, STOP!
  13. Call it a cliche, but have fun!


Aeglis, Lofthungr of Dunland - MemerOfLotr

Sigurdr, Jarl of North Dunland - Bob_Peterson8000

Dorin, Jarl of the Dunlending-Dwarves - Scotty_Thurman

Inge, Dwarf-king of Belegost - TMR2005

Sahadi al-Zafar, Lôke-Khan of Rhúdel - olliedamans

Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor - Zach_Dono

Celeborn, Lord of Lothlórien - SuperDucky119

Ashoka, Lord of Harhundor.



King: Aeglis - MemerOfLotr

Capital: North Dunland

Government: Norse Feudal System


King: Sahadi al-Zafar - olliedamans

Capital: Rhúnost

Government: Communist-Feudal System

Servers running the LotR Mod
Official Servers:

Official Server

Unofficial Servers:

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