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About the Server Edit

The First Age Server is a Minecraft project to make a role play server set in the First Age of Middle Earth. The server will use the LOTR dimension and the lands of the first age are created with a special technique. The server will take lore from any point in the First Age and at times, the Years of the Trees.

Facebook Page

FA Skype Group & SA-FA Skype group

Discussions Thread!

About the GameplayEdit

The server will be set in the First Age of Middle Earth, and is role play oriented, so players are asked to be responsible in how they play, interact with other players, build structures/factions, and wage wars. Any players wishing to be major lore characters (i.e. Fingolfin, Thingol) or Valar must apply for them in game. Any Factions made must be true to the lore of the First Age (No Mordor, Rohirrim etc.).


The First Age LOTR Server is unique from all the other servers of the mod in that it contains all the lands of the first age. This will allow players to explore the land and build roads themselves where they see fit. It is all about the best possible roleplay experience!

Miscellaneous utilitiesEdit

Major kingdoms in the Third Age do not yet exist on the server due to its time period. Because of this, blocks and other resources from those realms can be found in the market for purchase. Also, all crafting tables will be available for purchase. You can ask an admin to give you Alignment but you must tell them why you need the alignment, and you can only have +1 alignment given to that faction. Also, when alignment is given, alignment of the enemy factions will be taken away.

Partnership with The Second Age Server Edit


The Staff-Memebers of this Server and The Second Age Server now have an official partnership, to learn more about this please read the following document by WarPig1237.

Good day, this is a document intended to fully explain the partnership that shall be taking place between the First Age LOTR Server and the Second Age Server. This shall be explained in several points that shall attempt summarize the various features of this partnership. Firstly, it must be acknowledged that the most crucial feature of this partnership is that of co-operation and mutual respect between the Staff-Members, Players and general communities of both Severs. Secondly, this partnership shall aim to allow so called 'cross-server' events to take place, whereby through the co-ordination of Staff-Members large events can take place between both Servers. Thirdly, the Staff-Members of both servers should be capable of easily communicating and sharing information of all sorts. Fourthly, certain Staff-Members (chiefly Owners) of let us for example say the First Age LOTR Server should be given the position of Guest Staff-Member upon the Second Age Server, and vice versa. Lastly, both Servers should attempt to publicize each other and to ensure that the original methods used to create both Servers are not reproduced without the full permission of the Staff-Members of the First Age LOTR Server and Second Age.

Seeing as the features of this partnership have now been fully described, the remainder of this document shall attempt to explain some further regulations surrounding it. Firstly, should this document be accepted by both parties the features outlined in it are to be fully respected and implemented to the best ability of the Staff-Members of both the First Age LOTR Server and the Second Age Sever. Secondly, this document is to be displayed upon the Facebook Page (should there be one in existence) and the Lord of the Rings Mod Wiki Page of both Servers. That now concludes this document which has hopefully been informative and helpful in explaining this partnership.

Applications to the Server Edit

Administrators and Moderators Edit

Since the server is not currently running, we are not in need of admins and mods. When the server comes online, this will change. Please do not ask to be staff, asking will only make it more unlikely.

Texturers / Coders Edit

We plan on using a custom texture pack for the server. Thus, we are looking for someone who can help with textures and sounds, and putting the pack together. Please send a message to the server's Facebook page if interested. (Update: The Server's Textures for the Texture Pack is now essentially completed thanks to the excellent work of several contributors, to see which armour set shall be used for which Faction see here).

Lore Characters Edit

If you are interested in being a lore character (i.e. Thingol, Fëanor, Galadriel etc) please leave a comment on this wiki page, or message the server's Facebook page. Messaging the Facebook page is preferred, as communication is slower through the comments section, and we would prefer if the application process is not made public, for authenticity in applying. Therefore, please message the server's Facebook page to apply as soon as you can. Applications will be judged by the owners on reliability, building ability, knowledge of the lore, and play time, although play time will be a minor part of the process, as it is often out of the players control. The player applying should have references to these things, if no other examples can be given.

Factions Edit

To join a faction (i.e. Angband, Doriath) a player must only message the leader of that faction. The admins will not be involved, only the ruler of that faction can judge the player. If the player breaks a server rule, the admins will first go to their factions leader about the problem. If the faction leader can give no explanation, the player will be punished by the admins. If the player broke the rules due to a faction leaders poor judgment or responsibility, the leader may be punished, but only if the offense was severe.

(For information on Factions themselves see below)

Questions and ConcernsEdit

Any questions about anything listed previously, or not listed at all, can be directed to The First Age LOTR Server's Facebook page or this page. Any questions on the wiki page will be answered, but not frequently, so direct questions to The First Age LOTR Server's Facebook page.


To be revealed... Edit

Please do not ask to be staff.

Redistribution of textures and mapEdit

Since this server uses a custom texture pack and map, you may not redistribute and use these as you please. If you wish to use the map or texture pack on your server, you must get permission from the owners of this server. If you want individual textures please contact the creators of these textures, whoes names shall be listed in the texture pack itself. You can contact us through our Message Wall, and the texture creators in the same way

If you wish to use the map in-game, that is totally fine. However, if you wish to create a custom server using the map, you must first get our permission to use the map, to do so you can contact us through our Message Wall.

Factions Edit

Factions listed as unoccupied are to inform players who may not know much about the First Age of Middle Earth. You can still be a faction not listed below, as long as it is moderately lore accurate. 

Custom Factions Edit

Custom factions are appreciated and we hope for a variety of factions across Arda, and we have an idea to increase the experience of creating factions. For example, if someone wished to make a faction of Men near Hildorien, if they make a large enough faction with several cities, multiple active members and an amount of land relative to the size of their faction, we will allow them to send in custom textures to us to be added to the texture pack IF there is enough extra space, and if it is possible the faction could have arisen in the lore. Again, factions MUST be as lore accurate as possible, so no cities of Elves in the far North past the Iron Mountains. This is a feature we are still working on, so input from the community is appreciated.

Faction Faction Leader Description Settlements (capital is in bold)
Angband Ovaldiduval The fortress of Morgoth, built under the volcanic peaks of Thangorodrim. Angband


Gondolin Turammarth Gondolindrim Elves living in the hidden vale of Tumladen in the Encircling Mountains.



Noldor of Hithlum Noldor lead by Fingolfin and Fingon living in the lands surrounding Mithrim. Barad Eithel
Doriath WarPig1237 Those dwelling protected by the Girdle of Melian in the woods of King Thingol. Menegroth
Grey Elves of Mithrim Sindar led by Annael living in the Caves of Androth. Caves of Androth
Ents Wild Ents roaming the forests of Beleriand. None, merely wander the forests of Beleriand and Middle-Earth.
Nargothrond endertortoise The Hidden Realm of Nargothrond, fortress of the Noldor in Beleriand. Nargothrond

Barad Nimras

Tol Sirion

Laiquendi The Green Elves, living secluded in Ossiriand, the land of the Seven Rivers. Tol Galen

Anywhere in Ossiriand

House of Hador ebsfive The House of Húrin & Huor, Túrin & Tuor. The Third House of Men. Dor-lóminEstolad
House of Haleth


The Haladin, a valiant and proud family of Edain. Ephel Brandir


Drúedain Pecky Also known as the Woses, these reclusive men live alongside the House of Haleth in Brethil. Ghândrû

Anywhere in Brethil

House of Bëor The Eldest of the Houses of the Edain. The House of Beren, among the greatest of the heroes of the First Age.



Belegost wallman101 The Broadbeam Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, living in the great Dwarf-city of Belegost. Belegost

Mount Dolmed

Nogrod jimmy_dude The Firebeard Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, living in the great Dwarf-city of Nogrod. Nogrod
Durin's Folk Carter938 The Longbeard Dwarves of Durin, living in the great kingdom of Khazad-dûm under the Mountains of Mist. Khazad-dûm

Mount Gundabad

Gaurwaith A band of men wandering Beleriand, pillaging as they wish, serving none but themselves. None, they are wanderers.
Petty Dwarves Gorbag12 A dying race of Dwarves, known for being less sociable and smaller. Notable members are Mîm, and his sons Khîm and Ibûn. Amon Rûdh
Falathrim The Elves of the Falas, lead by Círdan, Lord of the Havens.



Isle of Balar

Havens of Sirion

Fëanorians Edward_Blum The Noldor following the seven sons of Fëanor in their quest to fulfil the oath of Fëanor.



Mount Rerir


House of Ulfang SkeilsMan The Easterlings of Lothlann lead by Ulfang, friendly to Morgoth, enemies of the Noldor. Permitted to live in Lothlann by Maedhros.
House of Bor The Easterlings of Lothlann lead by Bor, enemies of Morgoth and allies of Maedhros. Permitted to live in Lothlann by Maedhros.
Spawn of Ungoliant Dolgukhor Spiders bred from Ungoliant. She herself harbours a hatred for Morgoth, who took the silmarils out of her grasp. Nan Dungortheb

Ered Gorgoroth

Arthost VaBillsFan Noldorin Elves living in the Hills of the Andram. Arthost
Red Dwarves The Khazad of the Stonefoot, Blacklock, Stiffbeard and Ironfist Clans, dwelling in the Mountains of the East. (Unknown)
Avari The Unwilling; Those who did not follow Oromë West from Cuiviénen. None, scattered throughout the lands of the East.
Nandor Viceroy_Vibiras Those of the Teleri that departed from the great journey at the River Anduin; their name meaning 'those who go back'.


Riders of Palisor

Men of the East dwelling near the Inland sea. Due to their friendship with Ulfang, they have allied themselves with the forces of Angband Madinat Alththarwa
The Followers of Bereg The Unfaithful; Men of the House of Bëor who followed Bereg South out of the Histories of Beleriand Southern Hills of the Ered Luin
Edhelruin Angrenor Sindarin Elves of Doriath who survived the Kinslaying. Mouth of River Gelion

Roles Edit

Roles must now be applied for in-game!

Please try to keep this list updated!

Applications will be judged by the owners on reliability, building ability, knowledge of the lore, and play time, although play time will be a minor part of the process, as it is often out of the players control. The player applying should have references to these things, if no other examples can be given.

Faction / Role Username Description
Blue Dwarves
Azaghâl wallman101 King of Belegost and Lord of the Broadbeams.
Naugladur jimmy_dude King of Nogrod and Lord of the Firebeards.
Telchar Thramili_Grorson Greatest of the Dwarf-Smiths;

Master-Smith of Nogrod.

Gamil Zirak Kasterforest Zirak the Old; mentor to Telchar.
Spawn of Ungoliant
Ungoliant Dolgukhor Mother of all Giant-Spiders.
Petty Dwarves
Mîm Gorbag12 Father of Khîm and Ibûn. Known enemy of Andróg and Beleg Cúthalion.
Morgoth Ovaldiduval The Ainu Melkor;

First Dark Lord of Middle-earth.

Sauron LadyMairon The Admirable; Lieutenant of Morgoth; Master of Shadows and of Phantoms.
Gothmog Grievous1138 Lord of Balrogs, feared across all of Beleriand.
Glaurung jgames09 Father of all Dragons; Bane of Nargothrond.
Draugluin Dimorphodon68 First of the Werewolves and Sauron's right hand (or perhaps paw).
Ancalagon 7777c Greatest of all Dragons;

First of the Winged Dragons.

Thuringwethil Rockbond A vampire of Tol-in-Gauroth; messenger of Sauron.
Idril Lady_Zelda Daughter of Turgon; Princess of Gondolin.
Aranwë Túrammarth Turammarth Father of Voronwë; Ruling-Steward of Gondolin; Cousin of Ithilion; Turammarth's Signature Character.
Voronwë Catfishperson Son of Aranwë; Guide of Tuor.
Nurwë sebhassink Son of Thoronwë, the brother of Aranwë; Custom Character.
Ecthelion of the Fountain ecthelion5 One of the twelve lords of Gondolin and the bane of Gothmog; Lord of the House of the Fountain.
Glorfindel of the Golden Flower Sagaert22 One of the twelve lords of Gondolin and the slayer of a Balrog; Lord of the House of the Golden Flower.
Eärendil Azog2015 The Mariner, son of Tuor and Idril. Father of Elrond and husband of Elwing. Slayer of Ancalagon.
Maeglin LordEpicus One of the twelve lords of Gondolin; Lord of the House of Mole; Son of Eöl and Aredhel
Eorlaan Jatkin1 A proud Warrior of Gondolin
Ithilion Elerúth Eleruth Captain of the Archers of the Fifth Gate, a proud and valiant Noldorin exile of Valinor; Custom Character
Telemnár Helcaryón Helcaryon Counsellor of the Steward; Cousin of Ithilion; Custom Character
Êlestel VaBillsFan Lord of the city of Arthost; Custom Character.


Eldest son of Fëanor and Lord of Himring.


Hot-headed son of Fëanor; Ruler of Thargelion.
Celegorm Peleros The Fair; A great hunter who brought Huan with him from Valinor.
Amrod SerBryndenTully Youngest of the Sons of Fëanor and twin of Amras.
Gûrnûr Pecky Chieftain of the Drúedain in Brethil, and friend of the Haladin.
Andróg pkedar Follower of Túrin; Cursed by Mîm after killing his son Khîm.
Finrod Felagund endertortoise Son of Finarfin; King of Nargothrond.
House of Hador
Tuor dwalin2000 Son of Huor, cousin of Túrin Turambar.
Húrin ebsfive Father of Túrin and brother of Huor, said to be the greatest warrior of men during the First Age.
Túrin Traceus The Master of Doom; known throughout Beleriand as The Black Sword.
Huor SpartanEgghead Father of Tuor and brother of 

Húrin; slain in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

Saefisc Thavron Captain_Moore Leader of a group of Edain fisherman under the influence of the House of Hador known as the Cofdrunos. Known for his seamanship and reliability.
Arvedui __Genji___ Leader of the followers of Túrin, known as the Captain of the Black Blade
House of Haleth
Halmir ovenman Lord of the Haladin.
House of Bëor
Beren Erchamion Jack_17 The Son of Barahir and the lover of Lúthien; famed for his heroic deeds during the Quest for the Silmaril.
Barahir T_L_Green Father of Beren and friend of Finrod; Lord of Ladros.
House of Ulfang
Ulfang Skeilsman Chieftain of the Easterlings
Maragath CrossAce215 A local chieftain from Rhûn called to the service of Morgoth by his liege lord Ulfang.
Garmahyó AlteOgre One of the Eldar among the elusive Laiquendi that followed Denethor to Ossiriand
Durin's Folk
Durin the Deathless Carter938 The Father of the Longbeard clan of Dwarves (also called Durin's Folk), eldest of the Seven Fathers; founder and King of Khazad-dum.
Farin Captain_Groot One of Durin's sons and his heir. Finest warrior of Khazad-dum and commander of the city gaurd.
Thráin stevieman456 The second son of Durin and brother to Farin. Hand of the King to Durin and steward of Khazad-dum, as well as one of the finest masons in the world.
Norrak Ironaxe MatmanPlaysMC A noble Dwarf of Khazad-dum and friend of Durin. Skilled smith and overseer of the great mines.
Elu Thingol WarPig1237 An Ambassador of Valar and one of the Lords of the Teleri, Thingol was renowned as the King of Doriath, the High-King of the Sindar and the Lord of all Beleriand.
Lúthien Tinúviel Queen_Varda The daughter of King Thingol and the lover of Beren Erchamion; famed for her heroic acts during the Quest for the Silmaril.
Mablung of the Heavy Hand PredatorFish Chief Captain of Thingol, Mablung was said to be one of the finest warriors of the Sindar.
Beleg Cúthalion Daimond_Raider An Elf of Doriath and friend of Túrin, Beleg was the most skilled Archer and Huntsman of his time.
Eöl Lotrmater1301 Called the Dark, a Sindar of a High-born family; Lord of Nan Elmoth; Created the first Galvorn; Father of Maeglin, Husband of Aredhel.
Faenor Celebrî Cookminers Well-loved Character of Cookminers; Custom Character.
Ainur of Valinor
Oromë Rangere1 Lord of the Forests; The Hunter.
Ulmo Vanderm135


Lord of Waters.
Eonwë Secretfield Herald of Manwë and Greatest in Arms of Arda; Chief of the Maiar.
Ossë Obsidianwizard The servant of Ulmo; delights chiefly in great storms and winds, as well as in the coasts and isles of Middle-Earth.
Vainacalo Viceroy_Vibiras Lord of Bardolin.
Angrenor Angrenor Lord of Minas Giliath, Lord Protector of the Edhelruin

The Second Age Server Edit

The Second Age Server is a server run by PredatorFish. As the same suggests, it takes place in the Second Age of Arda and includes the various landforms of the time before the Sinking of Númenor. As is mentioned above we now also have an official partnership with The Second Age Server, and look forward to doing new and interesting things with them in the future! Check out their page here or send them a message here .

Featured PollsEdit

Should you have a moment to spare please place a vote in the poll below, and remember to answer truthfully!

Leaving Comments Edit

If you have travelled this far down the page you are probably considering leaving a comment below, however please take the following into consideration before doing so!

  • Firstly, should you wish to ask a question make certain that another User has not already asked one similar to your own, whether it be concerning a feature or a concern
  • Secondly, if you have already applied for a role please do not make comments concerning it until you receive a response, as this can cause spam.

All roles must be applied for in game!

Lastly, if applying for a role be certain to read the above lists to ensure that the role in question has not already been taken by another, this once again prevents spam.

Well then, if you still wish to leave a comment I suppose you should go straight ahead and do so, just keep in mind what is listed above!

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