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The End To All Things is a brand new LOTR Server!


The End To All Things is all about RP. We are set at the same time the mod is (Bilbo Baggin's Birthday) and we are hoping to slowly progress with storyline. We have a few claimed areas (Weathertop, Amon Hen) that are made ready for RP situations as well as two taverns in the shire (one for Good, one for Evil) which are not lore but can still be rp'd in should you want to meet a character. We have 5 hardworking, brilliant staff members who helped shape the server from it's humble beginnings.


To apply for a custom title please contact an admin. Make sure the role you pick is lore acceptable based on your faction.


SLEnergy6400 (Owner)

Prince_Talin (Co-Owner)

NittyNitwit (Head-Admin)

Dragonsai (Co-Owner)

TheSadCat (Admin)


[1] Be respectful

[2] Be ethical

[3] Use common sense

[4] Do not spam in chat

[5] Don't ask for op/staff

[6] Don't hack

[7] Don't ask for leader if you do not have the requirements

[8] Don't abuse permissions

[9] Don't grief others (stealing from chests is allowed)

[10] Do not request that Gandalf be added

[11] The right of speech is not included in this server. You are not permitted to verbally abuse people, regardless of your or their rank in rp

[12] Staff's word is final. If you don't agree with a staff contact SLEnergy6400 privately

[13] Disregard this line it is not relevant


[15] You may build in other's biomes but do not claim those builds

[16] When rping use /me to express rp

[17] Make suggestions :3

[18] Don't spam when people are rping

[19] No metagaming

[20] 20 rings and 20 rules = have fun!

Also check out Conquest of Middle Earth!!!

Please add yourself to the below list should you ever make a character. Bolded names are moderators.

Characters Player IGN Race Faction Role
Legolas SLEnergy6400 Sindarin Elf Woodland Realm Prince of the Woodland Realm, Expert Bowsman, Heir to Thranduil the Elvenking.
Reinwald Prince_Talin Human Rohan Marshal of Rohan
Beowulf goron_th_avenger Human Rohan Commander of Helm's Deep
Laegras Dragonsai Avari Elf Avari Lord of the Avari Clans
The Witch King NittyNitwit Nazgul Mordor/Angmar Lord of Minas Morgul, Witch-King of Angmar and it's lands, Wielder of the One of Nine Rings of Power.
Glorfindel BelegTheRanger Noldor Elf Rivendel/High Elves Noldor Lord of Old, Veteran of the Fall of Gondolin, Slayer or Balrogs.
Aragorn KeltKatar Dunedain Good The Heir of Isildur, known only as Strider until his time should come
Tharbad Annominecraft789 Dunedain Dunedain of the North Captain of the Grey Company of the Dunedain of the West
Khamûl, The Black Easterling TikiMaster43 Nazgul Mordor/Rhun Lord of the Black Gate, Ringwraith and the Wielder of the One of the Nine Rings of Power
Elrond Laerorndir Half Noldor Half Numenorian Imladris Lord of Imladris/ Lord of Rivendell, High Noldor Lord, Herald to Gil-galad and Wielder of Vilya the Ring of Air.
Elrohir TheSadCat Noldor Elf Imladris High Noldor Lord and Son of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell Wielder of the Ring Vilya.

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