The End To All Things is a brand new LOTR Server!


The End To All Things is all about RP. We are set at the same time the mod is (Bilbo Baggin's Birthday) and we are hoping to slowly progress with storyline. We have a few claimed areas (Weathertop, Amon Hen) that are made ready for RP situations as well as two taverns in the shire (one for Good, one for Evil) which are not lore but can still be rp'd in should you want to meet a character. We have 5 hardworking, brilliant staff members who helped shape the server from it's humble beginnings.


To apply for a custom title please contact an admin. Make sure the role you pick is lore acceptable based on your faction.


SLEnergy6400 (Owner)

Prince_Talin (Co-Owner)

NittyNitwit (Head-Admin)

Dragonsai (Co-Owner)

TheSadCat (Admin)


Gameplay Rules

No breaking Hobbit Hole windows

No claiming builds in owned territories without permission (building is fine but it must be small)

No pillaring/parkouring into other builds

No server advertising

No hacking

RP Rules

No metagaming

No voids. Whatever is said is done. If you accidentally insult a leader and start a global m8

Speak in RP with /say (SAMPLE_TEXT) and Emote in RP with /me (SAMPLE_TEXT)

You can’t trade countries for money or relics. Trading waypoints for money is allowed

Character Deaths will only happen in RP Events such as Siege/Warfare or RP orientated events

If characters die their role can’t be occupied for 1 week. After this week the role will be reopened and an explanation to how the role was reopened shall be made. If the role is not claimed 2 weeks after it is reopened the death will be permanent. Dying in random pvp will make your character get captured BUT siege/warfare may kill your character


Declare a siege/war unless an ambush is mod approved

Build a camp outside the enemy’s territory

An admin and 2 people for each side must be online when the attack comes

Gates will be broken if you have a battering ram and ladders will be placed should you show proof of a good siege ladder

The battle shall last until one side retreats, surrenders, or is annihilated

The winner of the battle shall receive ownership of the sieged building (and the WP if it is tied to them)

A siege that lasts 1 week ingame will result in a victory for the attackers (food supplies = rip)

During war, banners must be set on self protection = off

24 hour cool down for a faction declaring and receive information a siege

PVP Rules

You need not hunt declare hunts/pvp/assassination

All hunting is in RP unless a special event is made, therefore attacking your allies may have political consequences

You cannot /back to PVP immediately, a 30 second wait is mandatory

Kingship Requirements

1000 Alignment Base/City

2 Supporters

Relic (Can be debated if all other requirements are accomplished)

Staff and Builder

Don’t cheat in items, alignment or any advantages

Don’t give yourself roles

Don’t be in creative all the time (creative is only when building)

Clear your inventory of creative items when you're finished building


(Cooldown is the period of time you must wait in the event area after the event is over)

During the Finding Gollum events, PVP is enabled and cooldown is disabled

During all Relic Hunt events, PVP is enabled and cooldown is 10 minutes

During all Relic Battle events, PVP is enabled and cooldown is 5 minutes

Dying in an event during the cooldown will give your relic to he or she who killed you (if you die from other means the weapon would be given to he who stands closest to your death point

/back to events is not permitted if it is a Relic Battle

RP events will be customised as according to the plot, and character deaths are possible

Also check out Conquest of Middle Earth!!!

Please add yourself to the below list should you ever make a character. Bolded names are moderators.

Characters Player IGN Race Faction Role
Legolas SLEnergy6400 Sindarin Elf Woodland Realm Prince of the Woodland Realm, Expert Bowsman, Heir to Thranduil the Elvenking.
Reinwald Prince_Talin Human Rohan Marshal of Rohan
Beowulf goron_th_avenger Human Rohan Commander of Helm's Deep
Laegras Dragonsai Avari Elf Avari Lord of the Avari Clans
The Witch King NittyNitwit Nazgul Mordor/Angmar Lord of Minas Morgul, Witch-King of Angmar and it's lands, Wielder of the One of Nine Rings of Power.
Glorfindel BelegTheRanger Noldor Elf Rivendel/High Elves Noldor Lord of Old, Veteran of the Fall of Gondolin, Slayer or Balrogs.
Aragorn KeltKatar Dunedain Good The Heir of Isildur, known only as Strider until his time should come
Tharbad Annominecraft789 Dunedain Dunedain of the North Captain of the Grey Company of the Dunedain of the West
(UNCONFIRMED) Khamûl, The Black Easterling TikiMaster43 Nazgul Mordor/Rhun Lord of the Black Gate, Ringwraith and the Wielder of the One of the Nine Rings of Power
Elrond Laerorndir Half Noldor Half Numenorian Imladris Lord of Imladris/ Lord of Rivendell, High Noldor Lord, Herald to Gil-galad and Wielder of Vilya the Ring of Air.
Elrohir TheSadCat Noldor Elf Imladris High Noldor Lord and Son of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell Wielder of the Ring Vilya.
Elladan ResourcefulPika Noldor Elf Imraldis High Noldor Lord and Son of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell Wielder of the Ring Vilya.
Edrahil depressed_snail Noldor Elf High Elves Heir of Ecthelion and wielder of Ringil, blade of Fingolfin.

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