Tauredain Warriors are the mighty men who defend the lands of the Far Harad Jungle. They are simliar to Tauredain, however, they wear Tauredain Armour and use Tauredain Equipment.

Spawning Edit

They  only spawn in the Far Harad Jungle. However, they do not wander freely throughout the forests surrounding this land, but rather in the Tauredain Clearing variant, alongside their fellow Tauredain. They also spawn in the ¨Jungle edge¨ subiome.

Behaviour Edit

Warriors wander freely throughout their lands, until they happen upon a foe, which they will procede to attack, until the enemy they saw is killed or they perish in the process. Unlike their Near Haradrim Warrior counterparts, they will not attack Jungle Scorpions unless firstly provoked.

Hiring Edit

They are hired at a starting price of thirty Silver Coins, and two hundred positive Tauredain Alignment from the Tauredain Chieftain, which can be found in the Tauredain Chieftain Temple.

Drops Edit

A variety of items may be dropped on death, including Tauredain Armour, Bone, Tauredain Equipment and Silver Coins.

Tauredain Shield  The Tauredain of Far Harad  Tauredain Banner

NPCs: Tauredain (Banner Bearer, Blowgunner, Farmhand, Warrior)
Traders: ChieftainFarmerShaman
Items: TauredainAmulet150 AmuletArmourTauredain Blowgun BlowgunTauredain Cocoa CocoaTauredain Dart Dart
Tauredain Equipment EquipmentJungleRemedy RemedyObsidian Shard ShardTorch tauredain Torch
Blocks: BrickCrafting TableGravel
Structures: PyramidVillage

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