The Tauredain villages are generated structures which only spawn in Tauredain clearings in the Far Harad Jungle. This naturally spawning structure is similar to the Southron Village and contains up to:

If the landscape is somehow obstructed (for example by a river), some buildings might be missing.

This is a good place for any player who wants to gain positive alignment, because of the available loot and traders that live here. There is also a small chance that a Tauredain Pyramid will be found in the jungle nearby.

Tauredain HouseEdit

The Tauredain house is the main lodging of the Tauredain. Inside there is one Tauredain civilian, a Tauredain crafting table and a chest, along with bed.

Thirteen of these houses are found in a Tauredain village, usually in the outer area. You can also spawn in a single house through the use of creative mode.

Tauredain MansionEdit

The Tauredain Mansion is a large two-story structure for the wealthy of the Tauredain. There are two of them in each village, situated on opposite sides of the Chieftain's Temple.

The mansion has two floors, and it spawns with two Tauredain. The Ground floor is where most of the loot is, and the top floor is surrounded by a small garden.

The Ground Floor of the mansion is where most of the loot is. Directly to the left of the entrance, one will find a barrel filled with a random drink, and two mugs. On the right, you find a small counter, which may have a plate on it. Forwards and to the left, you can find two furnaces, and the Tauredain crafting table, and the much less valuable vanilla crafting table. Forwards and to the right, you have a double chest containing loot against the back wall, and the ladder to the top floor. In the centre, there is a large counter which has plates and mugs on it, which sometimes have a food or drink in them.

The First Floor is smaller in floor space than the Ground Floor, due to a small garden surrounding it. When you come up the ladder, directly behind you will be two beds in a pagoda-like structure. The garden surrounding the area may have tall grass or southern flowers in it.


There is a variety of loot which spawns in the chest of the Mansion, some useful, others less so. Here is a list of all possible loot so you know what to expect:

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Gold Nugget
Item Min/Max Per Stack Spawn Chance
Baked Potato 1-2 2%
Banana 1-4 2%
Banana Beer 1 2%
Banana Bread 1-3 2%
Bone 1-4 2%
Book 1-3 2%
Bread 1-3 2%
Coal 1-4 4%
Cooked Fish 1-3 2%
Dried Reeds 2-6 2%
Dye 1-8 2%
Feather 1-6 4%
Glass Bottle 1-2 2%
Gold Ingot 1-3 .8%
1-8 .8%
Green Apple 1-3 2%
Mango 1-3 4%
Mango Juice 1 4%
Melon 1-4 2%
Melon Liqueur 1 2%
Mug 1-3 4%
Mug of Chocolate 1 2%
Obsidian Shard 1-4 4%
Paper 2-8 2%
Potato 1-5 8%
Plate 1-3 4%
Reeds 1-5 2%
Silver Ingot 1-3 .8%
Silver Nugget 1-8 .8
Stick 1-8 4%
String 1-3 2%
Sugar Cane 1-5 2%
Tauredain Axe 1 2%
Tauredain Blowgun 1 2%
Tauredain Cocoa 1 2%
Tauredain Dagger 1 2%
Tauredain Dart 2-8 4%
Tauredain Poisoned Dagger 1 2%
Poisoned Tauredain Dart 1-4 2%
Wheat 1-5 2%

Tauredain Village FarmEdit

Four different Tauredain Village Farms can be found near the corners of a completely generated Tauredain village. They provide a sufficient food supply for the whole village.

There are up to four farms to a village, depending on how complete the village could have been built. A Tauredain farmer will spawn in one of them, from whom you can hire Tauredain farmhands, NPCs similar to slaves of Núrn and hobbit farmhands. You can also buy food from them or sell them what they are in need.

Melons, wheat, carrots, potatoes, or corn are planted in each of the four farms on jungle mud. The farm itself is protected by Tauredain brick walls, with torches placed on each corner. There is a wooden gate to enter the farm. Inside the farm, around the crops is a pathway made of mahogany wood. Finally, in the center, a two-block high column of mahogany wood with a Tauredain Torch on top, lights the farm at night. Below it, there is a hidden water source to irrigate the crops.

Tauredain WatchtowerEdit

The Tauredain watchtower spawns some Tauredain warriors, who stand guard over the structure.

Four of these towers will spawn in a Tauredain village, one on each corner of the village. Alternatively, it can be spawned in as a single tower in creative mode.

Tauredain Village TreeEdit

A single Tauredain village tree is essentially a small platform made of Tauredain brick and Mahogany wood, with either a jungle, a mango, or a banana tree in the centre.

Tauredain Chieftain TempleEdit

The Tauredain chieftain temple is where the Tauredain chieftain spawns. Although there are no chests, there are two sets of Tauredain armour on the top level. Gold and obsidian Tauredain Brick will spawn as well.

The temple is a good place for players with positive Tauredain Alignment to set up a base. It is easily fortified with Tauredain Dart Traps and Gates, making it a a tough nut to crack for would be attackers. The village around also provides an easy access to resources and alignment points.

Tauredain Stilt HouseEdit

The Tauredain Stilt House is a small building that only spawns in Tauredain villages. It has stilts, as the name suggests. The Tauredain Stilt House is the only place where you can find a Tauredain Shaman. The house has one straw bed, a reed roof, two crafting tables, a barrel with moderate Melon Liqueur, an empty mug and four torches.


Common: common items (e.g. coal, sticks, plates, ...)

Rare: weapons, drinks

Very rare: valuables


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