Tauredain Cocoa is a non-alcoholic magical drink, that cannot be brewed. It was added in Public Beta 25.

Obtaining Edit

As of now Tauredain Cocoa can only be obtained by raiding Tauredain houses or buying it from Tauredain Shamans. Shamans appear to only sell certain levels of potency.

Price Edit

The Shaman only sells certain levels of potency of the drink.

Type Price Buffs Hunger Restored
Potent 15-25 (1coinX5coinI to 2coinX5coinI) Strength 2:00

Speed 2:00

Strong Drink not sold. Strength 1:20

Speed 1:20

Moderate 6-9 (6coinI to 9coinI) Strength 0:40

Speed 0:40

Light Drink not sold. Strength 0:20

Speed 0:20

Weak Drink not sold. Strength 0:10

Speed 0:10

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