The Tauredain blow-gunner is the chief non-melee unit for the Tauredain of the Far Harad jungle. They wield the Tauredain Blowgun and fire regular darts. Unlike their warrior counterparts, they never wear helmets. 


These units will spawn in clearings in Far Harad Jungle, regardless of the light level. They spawn only atop grass blocks, and will never spawn underground.

Behaviour Edit

These jungle snipers will wander around Tauredain Clearings. When idle, they will speak to the player with their blowguns down. If hostile, they will raise their blowguns, then proceed to hurtle volleys of darts towards your direction. Like all other ranged NPCs, they try to keep distance between them and their target.


It is possible to hire a Tauredain blowgunner starting at 50 coins and an alignment of +250. As with all units, the price of hiring will gradually decrease with increasing alignment.

Advantages Edit

  • Works well against swimming units
  • Relatively low alignment requirement

Disadvantages Edit

  • Expensive
  • Poor armour
  • Can only be hired in the Far Harad Jungle, where the farthest faction in the mod is located
  • Large numbers of blowgunners can interfere with one another
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