The Tauredain Blowgun is the primary ranged weapon for the Tauredain, used by the Tauredain Blowgunner.

Properties Edit

This blowgun has a very high rate of fire compared to bows, but deals relatively little damage and has less range than most bows, along with significantly lower durability.

Obtaining Edit

The Tauredain blowgun can be obtained by looting out structures in a Tauredain Village, or it can be crafted using a stick and reeds on the Tauredain crafting table. It can also be bought from a Tauredain Shaman or be found in a Tauredain Pyramid.

Tauredain crafting recipe
Tauredain Crafting
any stick
Tauredain Blowgun

Ammunition Edit

To use the weapon, you need to hold either normal or poisoned darts in your inventory. If you hold both variants, the stack that comes first, is used first (from top to down, from left to right). Darts, that missed their target can be re-collected.

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