It is said by some that in the depths of the jungle lie great and ancient pyramids, and that those ruins still house long-lost treasures from our empire of old. I cannot imagine these tales would be true, but yet, I have a fool's hope, ChildWalrus I would give anything just for one Tauredain Amulet.

–A culture-loving Tauradan

The Tauredain amulet is an item that can be found in the loot chests of Tauredain pyramids. It is currently only used to complete a type of Tauredain mini-quest. It is presumably an ancient artifact of the jungle-people, and therefore they are eager for the player to give them one.

Tauredain Shield  The Tauredain of Far Harad  Tauredain Banner

NPCs: Tauredain (Banner Bearer, Blowgunner, Farmhand, Warrior)
Traders: ChieftainFarmerShaman
Items: TauredainAmulet150 AmuletArmourTauredain Blowgun BlowgunTauredain Cocoa CocoaTauredain Dart Dart
Tauredain Equipment EquipmentJungleRemedy RemedyObsidian Shard ShardTorch tauredain Torch
Blocks: BrickCrafting TableGravel
Structures: PyramidVillage

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