Bilbo found that beds had already been laid at the side of the hall, on a sort of raised platform between the pillars and the outer wall. For him there was a little mattress of straw and woollen blankets.

The Hobbit, Queer Lodgings

Straw beds are a type of bed added in the Public Beta 20. They act in exactly the same way as vanilla beds, but they have a different texture and are not as comfortable. Note, that player respawning is changed by the mod. Follow the link for more details.


They spawn naturally in Dunland structures, Ithilien ranger hideouts, Rohan fortsSouthron desert camps, Moredain hunter shacks and occasionally in ruined Gondor towers. They can be useful while travelling, especially if you're having a hard time finding sheep or generated structures that contain wool.


A straw bed inside a Moredain hunter shack.


It is crafted using three wheat and three of any kind of wooden planks on a normal crafting table.

vanilla crafting recipe
any wood planks
any wood planks
any wood planks
Straw Bed

DwarvenGaladhrimHigh ElvenLion FurOrcStrawFurWood-elven

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