This server is based off of mainly custom written lore by Dunethunder76mx. Currently we are in the 5th age.

Steel Armies is a role play, domination-war based Lord of the Rings server, with friendly staff. The facebook is Steel Armies - A Minecraft Lord of the Rings Server @ The language of this server is english, but many members speak dutch. This is a great server with many major builds, and a great staff and community. We also have the choice of custom factions and roles. The server is based a lot around War role-playing and city roleplay.

NOTICE: This server uses very vulgar language at times. You have been warned!

Go to the Website for much more information. Here is the link:

@Server Wiki

Planet Minecraft Page

Leave a message on Dunethunder76mx's wall if you have any questions or concerns. Complaints go to Kazantha or to Budderb123.



Rules are found here.

Major Builds: Edit

Rhunost: _Devil (Wip)

Rauros: Bokops (Wip)

Edoras: Bokops (Wip)

Major events:Edit

PvP Battles that reward Coins/Alignment to the winning player/team.

Drop Parties that drop various ingots and usually an enchanted item at the end.

Item Hunts that have one item usually hidden around the world in a location that is logical.


- Technical Manager: Dunethunder76mx

- General Manager: Budderb123

- Assistant General Manager: Kazantha

- Moderator: xXTwinkiePieXx

- Moderator: GeneralTakoe

- Moderator: Yuurey

- Grandmaster Artisan: bokops

To be recruited as a builder or moderator show that you deserve the position by A. showing your builds to Bokops and him accepting you, B. Show Dunethunder76mx, that you can be Mature, Responsible and Logical by helping new players with questions when other staff like moderators are not around. You must be active.

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