Squadrons were added in Public Beta 23. They allow you to control groups of units instead of commanding them all at once.

Assigning Units to SquadronsEdit

To assign a unit to a squadron, you either do so when purchasing them, or after you purchase them. To do so while purchasing them, type a number into the black box. This will assign them to the squadron of that number. To do so after hiring a unit, right click the unit and type a number into the black box. This will assign them to the squadron of that number.

  • Assigning Squadrons after Hiring.
  • Assigning Squadrons Before Hiring

Commanding SquadronsEdit

To command squadrons you need to assign a Horn of Command and a Sword of Command to the squadron. You do this by right clicking on a Table of Command and putting the horn or sword into the slot and typing the squadron number into the black box. The horn or sword now commands only the squadron it is assigned to. For instance, the horn of summoning will only summon the squadron it is assigned to.


The squadron system has many advantages. Instead of your troops all attacking at once, you can have waves of attacks, or have your archers fire at the enemy while your melee troops stay back. This allows for more complex attacks and the ability to keep multiple groups of troops in the same area and not having to worry about, say pulling your fortress guards from their posts when you want to bring only your bodyguard along.

Gameplay mechanics of the Lord of the Rings Mod

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