Southward beyond the road lay the main force of the Haradrim, and there their horsemen were gathered about the standard of their chieftain. [...] Then he was filled with a red wrath and shouted aloud, and displaying his standard, black serpent upon scarlet. [...]

Right through the press drove Théoden Thengel’s son, and his spear was shivered as he threw down their chieftain.

The Return of the King, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

The Southron Warlord is a unit trading NPC from whom you can hire Haradrim units. The warlord boasts unique red face-paint.

Since the Public Beta 21, Southron Warlords wear a full suit of armour (minus the helmet) as well as a warlord helmet.

Upon hiring a unit from a Southron warlord, the player earns the achievement "The Might of the South".

Haradrim Warlord Mounted

A Southron Warlord mounted on a camel.


Southron warlords will stay within their fortresses. They won't attack, unless provoked, and in which case they will defend themselves with the weapon they are wielding.

Spawning Edit

He spawns in the fortress, which can be found in Near Harad desert, fertile, and semi-desert.


They will most often drop bones, but occasionally they might drop their armour.


If the player has 150+ alignment with the Southrons, he will allow you to hire troops. The perks of Southron troops are that they will not get damaged from the heat of the Near Harad desert.

Unit Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment (Near Harad)
Southron warrior 30 (3coinX) +150
Southron archer 50 (5coinX) +200
Southron cavalry 50 (5coinX) +250
Southron archer cavalry 70 (7coinX) +300
Southron camelry 50 (5coinX) +250
Southron archer camelry 70 (7coinX) +300
Southron banner bearer 50 (5coinX) +300



  • Friend of Harad, do you seek to hire warriors?
  • I have heard of your great deeds, Person. Gladly will I let you hire my warriors.
  • No warriors in all the world can rival the mighty Men of Harad!
  • My warriors are yours to command, great lord Person.
  • My men are strong and mighty warriors. Do you seek to hire some?
  • Word of your deeds has spread quickly in our lands. It would be an honour for my men to server you!
  • Do you seek to command the mighty warriors of Harad?
  • Have you wealth of silver, Person?
  • Have you any silver coins, Person?
  • For a few silver coins, I will give you command of some of my men!
  • If you seek a fighting force, we Haradrim are second to none.


  • I cannot allow a stranger to hire my warriors, Person.
  • Who is your master, Person?
  • Until you have proven your allegiance with us, we will not fight for you, Person.
  • You must perform great deeds in the name of the Haradrim if you wish to command our warriors.
  • Do you fight with us, or against us?
  • Who are you? Are you a friend of Harad, or an ally of Gondor?
  • You will need to do more good for our people if you wish to command my mighty warriors, Person.
  • Whom do you serve, Person? The Great Lord of Mordor, or the foul Dúnedain?
  • You will have to prove your allegiance to my people, Person.
  • The Haradrim do not simply follow any stranger into battle. You will have to prove your worth!


  • This is no place for a villain of the North.
  • What drove you to this madness? Your end shall be quick.
  • May the fires of the desert claim you, Person!
  • No treachery of the Dúnedain may enter our lands!
  • Curse you, filth-friend of Gondor!
  • You chose most unwisely in journeying here.
  • Your death shall be swift, scum!
  • I will not allow the scum of Gondor to invade our lands! Begone!
  • Your life and your lands shall soon be ours!
  • Flee, scum of Gondor.
  • The desert heat must have addled your brain, Person. We do not suffer your kind here!
  • Flee, enemy of Haradwaith!
  • Fool! What madness drove you into this desert?
  • These lands are not for you, my enemy!
  • Return to the foul lands whence you came!
  • I will not allow you to terrorise our lands!
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