The Southron Desert Camp spawns exclusively in the desert region of Near Harad and South Gondor. It houses the Southron warriors during their long journey across the desert that borders them.

Characteristics Edit

The desert camp consists of two tents and a small well in between. Near the well are two camels tethered to posts to keep them from straying while the Southrons sleep. With each tent spawns a warrior on their way across the Great Desert.

Currently, this structure has no structure spawner for creative mode. There is a spawn block, however, for just the tents. The well would need to be built.

Southron TentEdit

The Southron tent is made of wool for easy travelling and has five posts on the inside to keep it up.

Inside the tent is a barrel of araq or other alcoholic drink, two baskets with mostly food and equipment, a Haradric crafting table, a vanilla crafting table, and a straw bed. Along the inside of the walls are many Southron banners in addition to the one on top of the tent.

A Southron warrior, on his way across the Great Desert spawns inside of each tent.


The interior of a tent.