Overview Edit

The End to All Things is a recently changed server, centered around the Roleplay aspect of the Lord of the Rings Mod. We accept Custom Lore with open hearts but nonetheless reinforce the standardized Tolkien masterpiece. We have lots of political alliances, quest events, factions, and kingdom-based conflict.

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Events Edit

  • A tournament is being held in Lebennin in the name of the Steward! Be victorious or suffer horrid consequences...
  • The Witch King of Angmar prepares his forces... but for what?
  • A mysterious Ranger named Daelas is roaming the lands of Gondor, heading to the tournament, but what business does a Ranger of the North have in Gondorian cultural affairs?
  • A Dwarf named Falin, claiming to be the descendant of Durin the Deathless is forging his claim with an iron fist. He is supported by King Narvi of the Blackfoots.
  • Duinhir of the Blackroot has been doing suspicious things lately. Faramir, the Head Spymaster of Gondor, wonders whether the noble Lord of the Blackroot and Head Coinmaster has decided to serve the Dark Lord.
  • Down South in Harandor, a young and fiery prince learns about this tournament. His name is Arnam the Black Viper, the most feared Warrior in the South. He journies North, confident of his victory in this mere joust.
  • Daelas is made Chieftain of the Dunedain, and he begins the construction of a massive wall bordering Forodwaith. The Dunedain begin to work on organizing their political structure seeing as they have a new ruler.
  • Frodo the Ringbearer does not sit calmly in Rivendell... he waits for when the time is right to destroy the One Ring.

General Rules Edit

1. No hacking [B]

2. No discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc [M], then [B]

3. No abusing Staff/Builder [B]

4 Please English in the MC chat, as the server is a US/W. European majority and moderating in other languages makes Staff’s job harder. LOTR languages are allowed, and if you don't speak English/speak very little English please contact SLE for information. [M]

5 If you have an argument with a player, speak to OdinHaddock (Stannis). Should you have a problem with a Staff Member, speak with me.

Roleplay Rules Edit


Use /me or /say while speaking in RP. In order to differentiate between Roleplay and Non-Roleplay, use /say to say things in roleplay and /me to emote things in roleplay. This will make it easier for everyone to follow. On the discord, use the #roleplay channel for announcing RP, not RPing with someone else. There is absolutely no out of character information allowed in the channel. Please also refrain from using one liners such as "has a new sword" as it's a waste of space. Instead, elaborate; "Falin found a new sword in the mines of Moria. He polishes it and reforges it, replacing his old axe"

You cannot 'void' things. For those of you unfamiliar, voiding is when you make the conversation go somewhere and you want to restart the whole thing. We are a server focuses on realism, and would you, in reality, go talk to some politician and then void everything you said and restart it? No. Think before you say something stupid to a Warlord who has a huge army and advanced siege weapons. The only way voiding is approved is if you make some desicion which messes with lore too far, in which a void replaces the regular punishment of jail time (fun fact, server jails were located in Barad-dûr)

Don't metagame. While RPing, stay in RP mode. Don't be talking about how Gondor's political system is very weak and then soon after comparing Denethor to your Calculus professor. It ruins the vibe and feeling of the Roleplay. An example of metagaming; You are the King of Dunland and the King of Rohan is your friend. Saruman tells you in Roleplay he will raid Edoras. You then tell the King of Rohan out of rp. The King of Rohan uses the information to evacuate to Helm's Deep. In this case, punishment would fall to the King of Rohan for using out of character information. Regardless, to minimize this possibility, the King of Dunland should not have told the King of Rohan of the threat.


If your character is a King or Lord, you cannot trade in countries for money. Please just don't do this. Selling a whole region away is too complicated because that way we will have to recalculate the tax. The only way to acquire this region is to attack and siege and conquer it. However, selling waypoints is allowed but frowned upon.

Character Deaths only happen in Roleplay Events. If there is a Roleplay Siege or Roleplay Battle that contributes to the sequence of events happening throughout the story, your character may die, or, in better circumstances, may be captured. If your character is dead, you will have to wait 1 week before the role is reopened and an explanation would be made on how the character is still alive. If after the second week no one claims the role the character will be killed off permanently. If your character is executed by the orders of a faction's king, then they cannot be revived (if it's a lore character they can be revived in a month with an additional 250 align required)

Siege and Warfare Rules Edit

1. Griefing, stealing, raiding and plundering are all allowed. You can even raze a player’s village to the ground. However, you must do so when that player is online (if they leave as you are doing it, you may continue for ten minutes). The only condition is, an announcement must be made regarding the attack in #roleplay.

2. Sieges will work as follow. To declare war, do battle, and claim territory, each faction must have a player Banner-bearer (also called Lord Commander, Bannerman, Alderman, etc). Each build will have a 5x5 floor made of stone slabs, surrounded by cobble stone, which mark the “Town Square”. It is the Banner-bearer’s duty to reach the Town Square, which upon doing so wins the battle. Once a banner-bearer has reached the Town Square, the defending team has five minutes to reclaim the Square before they lose and must retreat. Winning a battle gives you mastery of the opponent’s keep, and all their wealth. To win as a defender, the defenders must slay each attacker once, or drive them to the hills.

3. Open-field battles will work differently, as both teams are attacking. Both teams will have five minutes to arrive, two minutes to ready formations, then the battle commences. Each team’s timer starts the moment they arrive, so if a team arrives early they can attack after their two minutes while the other team is still forming ranks. In the center of each field will be a small hill, the relative center point of the battle. Straying too far from the hill will result in a retreat to whomever is too far (this does not signify a retreat of the entire faction, if only one commander retreats while three remain, the battle continues. There is only one life for each player, and when all players die on the battlefield from one team, the other team wins. Upon victory, the winning team shall claim all unfortified waypoints in the vicinity of the battlefield. The losing team will keep waypoints whom have walled structures, and may retreat there for a siege.

4. Organized pillaging is allowed, and is done as follows. Two companies must be mustered by the raiders (companies being 1 player per 5+ troops). They must wait till at least one player guarding the farm, village, etc is online. You cannot pillage a walled encampment. Once the raid begins, the companies may begin pillaging the village. The battle ends when all the village is pillaged and the raiders leave, or when the raiders are driven out by the defenders. Organized pillaging can not claim a waypoint.

5. Military Formations are described as such. To participate in a siege or field battle, one must raise an army. An army constitutes three companies, a company constitutes of one player commanding five or more soldiers. A King must also have his own “Kingsguard” company. Sieges must also have a banner-bearer company. For field battles, there must also be a Field Commander, escorted by four riders. Their job is to watch over the battlefield from a vantage point, directing formations and the like. Kings may double as Field Commanders. A few suggested formations are;

  • -Loose formation for Dunlendings, raiders, etc
  • -Shield wall for Mannish Elvish and Dwarven Factions
  • -Cavalry Wedge for Rohan, Harad, Rhûn

These may be hard to pull off in MC, but from personal experience they work a lot better than charging in with no plan.

6. The troop limit per person is 20. If it is an orcish faction (Orcs, not Uruk!) the limit is 25.

7. Hopefully this will not come as a shock, but to claim a faction you require;

-One Capital with;

  • a) A Town Square
  • b) A Keep/Palace
  • c) A wall (unless otherwise stated by Tolkien)
  • d) A forge

e) A barracks

  • f) A marketplace
  • g) A gate

(You may be creative with how you build these, as different cultures adapt differently to the following.)

  • -A King
  • -An Heir
  • -A Field Commander
  • -A Banner-Bearer
  • -Two more supporters

8. Naval Battles are conducted as follows. Each faction gets to build a fleet of ships parallel or facing their enemy. For every Commander there are 2 ships. When the battle begins, both sides may begin to battle. Any player whom falls into the water for more than 30 seconds is considered drowned (you cannot TPA to escape drowning). The winner is decided when the enemy’s boats have been destroyed, or when the enemies players are all dead. There are several requirements to participating in a battle;

  • -You must have an Admiral (Commanders may double as admirals)
  • -You must have a city on the river/sea/lake

9. Pirating is allowed as well, with the Pirates being their own “Fellowship”. They have the ability to capture a vessel, killing the enemy players or capturing them. They can then control the ship as if it were their’s.

Staff Edit

Owner SLEnergy6400
Owner SLEnergy6400
Co-Owner(s) SirLui, TheSadCat
Head-Administrator Thymarir
Administrator(s) Agent_Iowa, PiffTingAdam, BarryAllen_TF
Head Moderator OdinHaddock
Moderator(s) Boromir_Elendil, PedroRoRo
Helpers(s) tolton512, harrywm

Capture, Death, and Resuscitation: Edit

When there are victors, their are losers as well. And the winners, should the losers survive, have three key options as to what to do with their captives:

  • Enslave - can work for Captor
  • Imprison - can be ransomed and tortured
  • Execute - self explanatory

1.Slavery is the result of being captured by an enemy faction, or born into it. Slavery can last until the player is freed, but does not limit gameplay outside of RP. Being a slave requires your character to work. You can still play OOCly, but in RP you are a slave. When RPing, you cannot use any armor, weapons, tools or items not given to you by your slavers. If you alert Staff, you can attempt an escape when your slaver is online. To take slaves, you must capture players, either accepting their surrenders or forcing them to lay down their weapons. If the slaver is being too rude or harsh on the slave, Staff will free the slave (this is RP, no serious stuff!)

2. Escapes begin by notifying a staff member of your attempt to escape, while the master is online. You will be stripped of weapons and armor, and you will run away until you are out of the same biome as the master. No FT, TP, or other means of escape without walking, sailing, etc. are not allowed.

3. Ransom can be held if you have captured a player and do not want to enslave them. You can ransom as high as you want, and the person who pays you can still attempt to ambush you at the ransom payment or the like.

4. Imprisonment is done as follows. Once you are captured, and your enemy decides to imprison you, you are transported to a prison. If the enemy faction does not have a prison, you cannot be jailed. Once jailed, you can attempt an escape (alerting Staff), be liberated via ransom or your allies seizing the prison, or freed by your captors. As a captive, you cannot be forced to work, but you can be ransomed, as opposed to enslaved(edited)

5. Torture can be used to extract valuable information from a player. You must have a torture device, and must have a captured player. Every day, you will roll a d20, and so will the victim. If the victim rolls higher, they have withstood the torture and you must wait another day. If you roll higher, you will be sent an aerial screenshot of the capital of the victim’s faction

5. Torture can be used to extract valuable information from a player. You must have a torture device, and must have a captured player. Every day, you will roll a d20, and so will the victim. If the victim rolls higher, they have withstood the torture and you must wait another day. If you roll higher, you will be sent an aerial screenshot of the capital of the victim’s faction

6. Execution is a quick and efficient method of never hearing from a certain character again. Once captured, the character can be killed off by several means. Before execution, they must be imprisoned for one night, in which they will have a chance to escape/be freed.

7. Revival is a long but rewarding process, which allows your slain character to live once more. Revival begins the moment your character is slain. If you are applying for revival, you must notify SLE himself. SLE will assign you a minor role, be it peasant, farmer, soldier, merchant, etc which you must hold for a month. Once this is done, your character will have been sent back by the Valar, having lost their memories 24 hours prior to their death in a wilderness location of your choice.

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