Swords of Arda is a brand new LOTR roleplay server. It was founded by c070800, SCUDtroopa and SoldierJD. c070800 owns the server, and it is currently administered by SCUDtroopa and Conalv2.

Our server focuses on in-depth roleplay, exciting wars, and fun events! For more information, read the rules, and don't hesitate to join our Discord!

Staff are friendly and dedicated, as are our players. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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We are a roleplay server, following our own custom lore. Obviously, we still adhere to Tolkien's lore, but non-canon characters, locations, and events are included. The time is in the Third Age, after the Quest of Erebor and before the War of the Ring.

We also have a claiming system, which allows players to take command of certain biomes. The list of claims is posted below.

Name of Build Claim owner Faction Biome Rank Appointed Lords
Shedûn SoldierJD Angmar Angmar King Pause Purpose
Manor of the

Enchanted Golden Wood

madjoraut Lothlorien Lothlorien/

FIeld of Celebrant






Harad Desert Riverbank



Lithnen 0U2 Harnedor Harnedor Lord N/A
Markets of Ugri-Zadin _LeLe Harnedor Harnedor Lord N/A
Pillars of Steel Joshua_aka_Hulk Durin's Folk Iron Hills King
Imad Celduin SCUDtroopa Dorwinion Dorwinion King
Rhubad Thulin_III Angmar Ettenmoors King
Burzum Bagronk HeroBrian_333 Mordor Mordor King
High Dunsinane SCUDtroopa Dorwinion Emyn Winion Lord N/A
Ost-en-Losstaen SoldierJD Angmar Angmar Mountains Lord N/A

The current map of all claimed areas in Middle-Earth is displayed below:

Map 3 decembre
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