Welcome to the official Spark of Arda wikia! This server is a first of its kind with an economy and realistic system devoted to bringing a new level of challenge to the mod. This server allows people to create and rule their kingdoms differently and creatively, as well as adds a bunch of new mechanics to make the server much more strategic!

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Ip of the server:

Rules Edit

General Guidelines: Click me!

Economy Rules: Click me!

War Rules: Click me!

Staff Edit

Owners: Alcarin_I, JStorm_

Admins: Sucho13miles7, EnderEnchantress

Mods: Velaryon__, Qizu

Helpers: PeepTheHellboy, Tokuvyu

Builders: N3PTUN3S, SirAngband, Spartan_180, GamerAced, Zinhoudc_, SerValkar, Nargushk

Quest Givers: Cal,

Finished Builds/WIP Edit

Helms Deep (WIP)

Orthanc (Almost Finished)

Black Gate (Finished)

Moria (WIP)

Fir Wold (WIP)

Grimslade (Finished)

Rhosgobel (Finished)

Mount Gram (WIP)

Brandy Hall (Finished)

BuckleBury (Finished)

Forsaken Inn (Almost Finished)

Factions Edit

Free Peoples

Gondor | Leader:

Rohan: | Leader:

Hobbits: | Leader:

Durin's Folk | Leader:

Dale | Leader:

Dorwinion | Leader:

Lothlorien | Leader:

Dunedain of the North | Leader:

High Elves | Leader:

Woodland Realms | Leader:

Firebeards | Leader:

Broadbeams | Leader:

Taurethrim | Leader:

Legions of Darkness

Mordor | Leader:

Gundabad | Leader: Qizu

Isengard | Leader:

Near Harad | Leader:

Angmar | Leader:

Morewaith | Leader:

Dunland | Leader:

Dol Guldur | Leader:

Half Trolls | Leader:

Rhudel | Leader:

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