New Arda is one of the many unofficial servers running the Lord of the Rings Mod. The server was founded on April 5th, 2017, by LockedIn (in game: Oromë) and KidFlashMetapod (in game: Thorald). It is a relatively small server, with upwards of five players on at a time.

New Arda is a very close-knit server, with everybody knowing everybody.

The server IP is or

The server also has an active Discord server.



x: 102310, z: -64730

He is located in a maze floating far above ground. To get to it, you must climb the rope that comes down from it.

We've recently added a new system that allows for land claiming and territorial expansion: the Conquest system. Do /kit war_rules for details.

The prefix system has been changed into a suffix system, which looks neater and fixes some of the issues we've been having. You'll see the change when you say something in chat.

We now have our first artisan! Congrats to Ostoher, Artisan of Dol Amroth (Shipcommander)! He has started working on the cities of Dol Amroth and Minas Ithil.


ADMINS ([Vala])

  • Oromë, Huntsman of the Valar (LockedIn) (OWNER)
  • Thorald, Architect of Dale (KidFlashMetapod) (OWNER)


  • Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor (Joey_Senpai)
  • Aragorn, Chieftain of the Dúnedain (FlashPlayFTW)
  • Aranelion, Lord of Dorwinion (planetcheese1)

ARTISANS ([Artisan])

  • Ostoher, Artisan of Dol Amroth (Shipcommander)

Rules of the ServerEdit

  1. Obey Staff Members.
  2. No griefing waypoints, lore builds, player builds, or roads.
  3. No explosions within 50 blocks of a build/road.
  4. No locking up Gollum. He must be reachable at all times.
  5. No TP-killing.
  6. No X-Ray.
  7. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or bigotry of any kind.
  8. No harassment or bullying.
  9. No spamming (This includes typing in all CAPS).
  10. No slurs (Swearing is allowed, in moderation).
  11. No living in enemy territory (bases or forts are fine).
  12. No building within 200 blocks of a build (without their permission).
  13. No setting waypoints within 200 blocks of someone's base (without permission).
  15. No Utumno if the server is busy (it causes lag).
  16. Vendor Spawn Eggs cost 10k Silver.
  17. No having more than 75 units in a single area.
  18. No non-lore builds in the Misty Mountains (Mount Gundabad, Goblin Town, Moria are fine).
  19. No protected land in enemy territory unless it's part of a base.
  20. You may have up to 2 civilian spawners in a village. They cost 5,000 silver.
  21. No killing hired units without provocation.
  22. No killing AFK players.
  23. Follow all rules of conquest! Do /kit war_rules for details.
  24. Do NOT pillar over a banner to get into someone's base/house.

How to become Ruler of a Faction Edit

Before a faction can begin any conquests, first, they must have a faction leader. Faction leaders are the member of the faction with a title beginning with something like King, Queen, Chieftain, Steward, etc. Unlike other titles, leadership titles must be earned. There are multiple requirements for doing so. To lead a faction, you must:

  • Have at least +1,500 alignment (If they are in the game)
  • Have positive alignment with ALL their allies, and negative alignment with ALL their enemies
  • Have the support of a majority of active players of that faction EXCEPT players also trying to become leader of that faction
  • Have a base of operations at least fitting the requirements of being an "outpost" (see "What's a Fort?" section)

The only exceptions to those requirements are if a faction is not in the game (you can ignore alignment requirements), and evil players are allowed to remain positive with a single dwarf faction even if they are enemies (this is so evil players can still pay smiths to work mithril gear).

Keep in mind that becoming a leader is more than meeting all the requirements. If someone else contests your rule and they meet all the requirements, by the "majority support" rule, they can usurp your throne. The only way you can usurp this is by starting a civil war, which will split the faction and continue until one side conquers the other. Note that civil wars follow all relevant rules of war and conquest (see "Rules of War/Conquest" section). As you need an outpost to qualify to rule, it is always possible to win the war by capturing the enemy side's "base of operations" if they have no other forts.

What's a Fort? Edit

There are some requirements for what defines a fort as a fort. In addition there is the classification of "outpost", which is easier to build than a fort, but with smaller radius of protection.

Fort's need:

  • Walls
  • At least one entrance/gate
  • A keep (Main building of a fortress)
  • At least 2-4 watchtowers (They can be part of the wall)
  • Dimensions of at least 64x64
  • Forts CAN be a naturally spawning structure
  • Forts claim land in a 3,000 block radius

Outposts need:

  • A keep/main building
  • CANNOT be a naturally spawning structure
  • Outposts claim land in a 1,000 block radius

BOTH need:

  • Banners protecting the entire build
  • All banners bust be reachable and able to be destroyed by invaders
  • Banners are not allowed to protect each other
  • If invaded, you must turn self-protection OFF for all banners

Note: If a lore build doesn't meet all the requirements despite clearly being a fortress in the lore, exceptions can be made. (Ex. Dwarven builds are usually underground, and thus have no need of walls.)

Rules of War/Conquest Edit

On this server, conquests are totally allowed, but there are some rules to be considered. All normal server rules still apply, with some additional ones to allow fort conquest and defense.

  1. You can claim land in enemy territory by building forts and other things like it. Forts "claim" land (prevent enemy mobs from spawning) within a radius of 3,000 blocks (or 1,000 blocks for outposts).
  2. Forts are allowed to be conquered by enemy players, and defended by their owners. To conquer a fort, you need to destroy the defenders' banner(s) and replace them with your own. See the "What's a Fort?" section for a list of requirements of a fort.
  3. Let an admin know after you build a fort (KidFlashMetapod (Thorald) or LockedIn (Oromë)). That's how the land-claiming works: we create a sphere preventing hostile mobs from spawning. Note that this doesn't stop invasions or prevent hired units from entering.
  4. If conquering land as a faction, the region must be connected to a region you already control (either as your faction's homeland or as land you've previously conquered). There are two exceptions: A) You can conquer a pre-existing enemy fort not touching your territory if it's within 100,000 blocks of your homeland; B) Gundabad players can conquer any land in Eriador, the Vales of Anduin, the Lone-lands, or the Wilderlands. (For home base purposes, Gundabads's home is considered the Misty Mountains) If the only thing connecting you to enemy territory you're trying to attack is one of two forts and you lose one of them, you lose the "touching requirement".
  5. If you're attacking a fort with the intent to conquer it, the owner must: be online or inactive for at least 30 days, and know about the attack at least 5 minutes in advance.
  6. If the fort is someone's place of residence, they must be allowed to move and take their belongings without the fear of dying. They only must be allowed to live if the fort has been captured and they are vacating the premises.
  7. You are allowed to modify a fort upon capture, as long as no other rules are violated. However, you are NOT allowed to modify someone's home if it is in occupied land.
  8. If you build a fort within 3,000 blocks of an enemy waypoint, you, for all intents and purposes, have "captured" the waypoint. Contact an admin (LockedIn or KidFlashMetapod) for them to protect any captured waypoints so only members of that faction can use the waypoint.
  9. If two enemy forts are built within 6,000 blocks of each other (so their radii intersect), both protect less land. The new radius of protection is reduced to the distance between the forts divided in two. (Ex. If Minas Tirith is held by Gondor but West Osgiliath is captured by Mordor, both only protect land in a 500 block radius, as the distance between the two is about 1,000 blocks)
  10. If the enemy fort reducing your sphere is captured by you or an ally, your sphere's original size is restored to normal. However, if it is an ally that has a fort whose sphere intersects yours, you must together solve the dispute and tell an admin. If not, it will be considered "land in conflict" and follow the rules for sphere reduction as if it were an enemy fort.
  11. Before a faction can claim territory, they must have a leader who meets all the leader requirements. However, you can conquer land regardless of whether that faction has a leader, as long as all other requirements are met. If a leaderless faction has their land conquered, they are allowed to attack any occupying forts, as long as they are either within their homeland's borders or the fort's sphere is partially in the homeland's borders.
  12. In addition to forts, there is an additional method to claim/conquer land: outposts. Outposts follow all the rules of forts, but a few changes: A) They need to meet fewer fort requirements (see "What's a Fort?" for requirements for what defines a fort and an outpost). B) They claim less territory, with the radius reduced to 1,000 blocks. C) Outposts cannot reduce an enemy fort's sphere, but do have their spheres reduced by enemy forts. The exception to this is with other outposts which have intersecting spheres with your own.

Factions and RulersEdit

Most of the regions of Middle Earth have few or no members (as of September 2017). The following list is sorted in alphabetical order and shows a current list of the rulers of the server:

List of Factions and Rulers
Faction Ruler Former ruler(s) Capital Description
Avari Thorontur (GraetiztGamer) as Lord of the Avari None Tower of the Avari The Elves of the Wild Wood of Rhûn, these Elves are the descendants of those who stayed in Cuiviénen instead of following the Vala Oromë into the West.
Dol Amroth (Subfaction of Gondor) None Oromë (LockedIn), as King of Gondor (as Lock); Celeborn (KidFlashMetapod), as Prince of Dol Amroth (as Imrahil) and Steward of Gondor Dol Amroth Located on the peninsula of Belfalas, Dol Amroth is a subfaction and fiefdom in the Kingdom of Gondor. The Swan Knights of Dol Amroth are ruled by the Prince of Dol Amroth. Dol Amroth claims lordship over all of Dor-en-Ernil.
Dale None Thorald (KidFlashMetapod) as King of Dale (as Bard) Dale This Kingdom of the North was founded following the death of Smaug, the destruction of Lake-town, and the famous Battle of the Five Armies. Refugees from Lake-town made their home in the old city of Dale that had been vacated following the arrival of the fire-drake Smaug at the Lonely Mountain. Soon, the influence of this city-state expanded as far south as the River Running and as far east as the Redwater.
Dorwinion (Puppeted by Mordor) Aranelion

(planetcheese1) as Lord of Dorwinion; Morgoth (LockedIn) as Dark Lord of Mordor

None Lothanor The Wine-merchants of Dorwinion, living on the coast of the Sea of Rhûn and south of the River Running, tend to stay out of combat, preferring trade instead. Recently, there has been a deal made where Dorwinion is now a vassal state of Mordor, in exchange for three forts and an outpost. Since then, another outpost and fort have been built.
Dúnedain of the North Aragorn (FlashPlayFTW) as Chieftain of the Dúnedain None Unnamed village in the northwest Angle The remnants of the destroyed Arnorian Kingdoms, the Northern Dúnedain are mostly resigned to small villages located in the Angle, a small area in the southern part of the historic Kingdom of Rhudaur.
Dunland None None None The hillsmen of Dunland, formerly living in the Gondorian province of Calenardhon, live on the western edge of the southern Misty Mountains. Their main goal and focus is to reclaim their land from the thieving Rohirrim.
Erebor (Subfaction of Durin's Folk) Durin VIII (NurwhalesRyummy) as King of Durin's Folk None Erebor The Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain became prominent once again in tandem with the Kingdom of Dale, and following the death of the fire-drake known as Smaug the Terrible. These Dwarves trade happily with their Mannish neighbors, as well as their kin to the East in the Iron Hills.
Gondor None Oromë (LockedIn), as King of Gondor (as Lock); Thorald (KidFlashMetapod) as Steward of Gondor (as Imrahil) Minas Tirith The greatest kingdom of Men in the late Third Age, the Kingdom of Gondor lay south of the Ered Nimrais and west of the Anduin and of the Ephel Dúath of Mordor. The kingdom is comprised of many fiefs, including Dol Amroth, Lebennin, and Anórien.
Gundabad None None Mount Gundabad The orc hordes of the North, from their main fortress of Mount Gundabad, terrorize all Free People in the lands both east and west of the Misty Mountains.
Half-trolls None None Hartorogost The monstrous Half-trolls of Pertorogwaith in Far Harad are mostly uninvolved with any conflicts in the West, but they maintain loyalty to their creator: Sauron.
Iron Hills (Subfaction of Durin's Folk) Durin VIII (NurwhalesRyummy) as King of Durin's Folk None None The Dwarves of the Iron Hills, along with their kin at Erebor, make up the bulk of Durin's Folk. Their lands are well known for large amounts of iron.
Isengard (Occupied by Mordor) Sauron (Joey_Senpai) as Dark Lord of Mordor Oromë (LockedIn) as Dark Lord of Mordor; Saruman (X_RagePvP_X) as Lord of Isengard Isengard Isengard, located in Nan Curunír, is ruled by the traitor Saruman the White from his high tower of Orthanc. Currently, Mordor (as Isengard) plans to attack Rohan and annex large parts of Fangorn.
Lindon (Subfaction of the High Elves) None Tauregandeth as Queen of Lindon Mithlond The High Elves of Lindon live in the lands west of the Ered Luin (Blue Mountains) and surrounding the Gulf of Lune. The lands of Lindon are the remnants of Ossiriand, part of the once great Beleriand, before it sank into the Belegaer. The only Lindon player has declared for Lothlórien in the War.
Lossoth Ulfang (LonelyPoison) as Warlord of the Lossoth None Forowel The Icemen of Forochel, led by Ulfang (LonelyPoison) from the fort of Forowel north of the Cape of Forowel waypoint, are some of the only inhabitants of Forodwaith. Although they usually stay out of southern affairs, they have joined Lothlórien's side in the war against Rhúdel.
Lothlórien None Thorald (KidFlashMetapod) as Celeborn, Lord of Lothlórien Galadorn The Elves of the golden wood of Lothlórien are led by the Lord of Lothlórien: Celeborn (KidFlashMetapod). Since becoming Lord, Celeborn has started a war against Rhúdel, and plans to expand into the Vales of Anduin.
Mordor Sauron (Joey_Senpai) as Dark Lord of Mordor Oromë (LockedIn) as Dark Lord of Mordor Durthang The Black Land and its armies, established as the dominion of Sauron in the Second Age, terrorize the lands of the West, once again trying to gain ownership of all of Middle-earth. As the enemy of all Free People, they are a force to be reckoned with. The current leader is Morgoth (LockedIn), where he rules from the fortress of Durthang built upon the slopes of the Ephel Dúath, overlooking Udûn in northwest Mordor. Mordor has taken the side of Rhúdel in the War, and as such, they are expanding as part of the war effort, with forts in progress in Dagorlad and Núrn.
Núrn DovahKing (slenderman111) as Captain of Núrn Sauron (Joey_Senpai) as Rin, Captain of Núrn Thaurband The only fertile lands of Mordor, they are tilled by human slaves.
Pelargir (Subfaction of Gondor) None None Pelargir The chief part and harbor of Gondor, Pelargir is also the largest city and capital of the fief of Lebennin, the Five Rivers.
Rhúdel (Occupied by Mordor) None Morgoth (LockedIn) as King of Rhúdel (as Khamûl); Constantine (The_General) as King of Rhúdel Karskun The Easterlings of Rhúdel live along the eastern coasts of the Sea of Rhún (Rhúnaer). They are allied with the Dark Lord, Sauron, against their old enemies of the West. Their current capital is Karskun, southwest of Rhúnost. Constantine, after becoming King, greatly expanded Rhúdel's borders. As response to this, Lothlórien declared war. Constantine has since resigned and left Rhúdel ruled by Mordor. The war is ongoing.
Rivendell (Subfaction of the High Elves) None None Rivendell The High Elves of Rivendell live in Imladris, a valley located west of the High Pass of the Misty Mountains. Populated mostly by refugees from Eregion, Rivendell is known as the Last Homely House East of the Sea.
Rohan None Thorald (KidFlashMetapod) as King of Rohan (as Théoden) Edoras The Rohirrim, known as the Éothéod in their tongue, left their former home in the North to live in lands formerly belonging to the Kingdom of Gondor, then known as Calenardhon. Gifted to the first King of Rohan, Eorl, by the Steward of Gondor, Rohan and Gondor remain important allies through the late Third Age. These former Northmen value their horses over all else.
Tauredain None Thorald (KidFlashMetapod) as Chief of the Tauredain (as Kiwango) None (Formerly an Unnamed village east of Actun Kaah) The forest-folk known to the West as the Tauredain live in the jungles of Far Harad, mostly in small villages that pale in comparison the the splendor of the great pyramids that remain throughout the jungles, which stand as memories of a greater history of these forest-folk.
Umbar (Subfaction of Near Harad) None None Umbar The Southrons and Black Númenóreans have longs been the enemies of Gondor and the West. The Corsairs of Umbar terrorize the southern coasts of Gondor, namely Pelargir and Dol Amroth.

Completed BuildsEdit

Name Builder (b)
Ruler (r)
Black Gate (Morannon) Morgoth (LockedIn) (b+r) The Black Gate of Mordor is built at Cirith Gorgor in northwest Udûn, where the Ered Lithui and Ephel Dúath meet. This fortification has but one entrance: an iron gate in the center. On either side of the Morannon are the two Towers of Teeth, built by Gondor (and later reclaimed by Mordor) following the first defeat of Sauron and occupation of Mordor.
Lighthouse of Rhúnost Morgoth (LockedIn)


The Great Lighthouse of Rhúnost sits just outside the walls of the great city, standing and shining to guide the ships of Rhúdel back to port from the Sea of Rhûn.

WIP BuildsEdit

Name Builder (b)
Ruler (r)
Carach Angren (Isenmouthe) Morgoth (Lockedin) (b+r) The Isenmouthe stands at the southern pass exiting Udûn, and in many ways is similar to it's northern counterpart: the Black Gate. A great wall with a moat on either side and a gate in the center, the Isenmouthe closes off Udûn into a natural fortress.
Dol Amroth Ostoher (Shipcommander) (b+r) The High of Amroth is one of the chief port cities of Gondor, and is the capital of Dor-en-Ernil.
Durthang Morgoth (Lockedin) (b+r) The mountain fortress of Mordor is founded on the slopes of the Ephel Dúath overlooking the vale of Udûn. Until the construction of Barad-dûr, this fortress is the de facto capital of the Black Land.
Lake-town (Esgaroth) Morgoth (LockedIn) (b) Sitting in the northwest corner of the Long Lake, north of where the Forest River meets the lake, the wooden town upon the lake has been rebuilt and destroyed many times, with the most recent time being after the destruction of the town by Smaug before he was slain by Bard the Bowman. By the time of the War of the Ring, the town had been rebuilt slightly north of its original site, and despite the growth of the Kingdom of Dale, Lake-town remained an independent city-state throughout the late Third Age.
Meduseld Morgoth (LockedIn) (b)
Imrahil (KidFlashMetapod) (b)
The Golden Hall of Rohan's Capital, Edoras, Meduseld was the King's house that sat upon the hill that most of Edoras was built upon.
Minas Ithil Ostoher (Shipcommander) (b) The Tower of the Moon, built by Isildur as the counterpart to Anárion fortress-city of Minas Anor.
Minas Tirith Morgoth (LockedIn) (b) Formerly known as Minas Anor (Tower of the Sun), the city was renamed following the capture of its sister city Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon, later known as "Minas Morgul", Tower of Sorcery) by the Nazgûl. The second capital of Gondor was also known as the White City, as it was entirely made of white stone, other than the outermost wall which was made of an impenetrable black stone that also made up the Tower of Orthanc. Built on the very slopes of Mount Mindolluin, this city is often considered to be the greatest city on Middle-earth by the late Third Age.
Moria (Khazad-dûm) Morgoth (LockedIn) (b) The Black Pit, Moria is the name that the ancient Dwarf Kingdom of Khazad-dûm was known as following its destruction by the balrog known as Durin's Bane. By the late Third Age, Moria was thought to be the only place where the precious metal mithril could be found and mined, assuming you could get past the balrog and countless orcs.
Orthanc Morgoth (LockedIn) (b+r) Originally an outpost of Gondor, the Tower of Orthanc was later given to one of the Istari, Saruman the White. Centered in the Ring of Isengard between the southern feet of the Misty Mountains, this great tower was built of the same impenetrable black stone that made up the outermost wall of Minas Tirith.
Rhúnost Morgoth (LockedIn) (b+r) The Eastern Fortress, Rhúnost is the capital of Rhúdel and greatest settlement of the Easterlings. Founded where a river meets the southeast corner of the Sea of Rhûn, the most notable feature of this great city are its two lighthouses on either of the city that guide ships coming from the Sea of Rhûn to the ports of the City.
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