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Currently we are in the final stages of preparing our first server - Burning Sands - for release. This server will focus on a smaller region of the full LotR map, namely Gondor and Near Harad, and it will present a totally new way to play on the mod, with numerous new mechanics such as Caravan/Ship routes in the place of Fast Travel and a much more involved gameplay style... No more dead/playerless factions, with the few players spread across the world, but everyone involved in one exciting (and recently updated!) area. We will offer exciting and realistic gameplay, but of course also with a lot of fun thrown in! We are currently working on an extension to Mevans' "Siege Mod", which will add new, exciting modes never before seen in the community, and numerous other events besides that!

We look forward to seeing you soon on the server!

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Rules Edit

Factions Edit

Faction Ruler Lore
Anórien The land of Anórien is ruled from the Citadel of Minas Anor, on the easternmost edge of the White Mountains. One of two fiefdoms north of the mountains, Anórien governs half of the capital of Osgiliath, along with the fortified island of Cair Andros. Along the northern edge of the mountains, a line of beacons stands to warn the realm of danger, and somewhere hidden within the woodlands lies the secret tomb of Elendil himself.
Ithilien The only part of the Gondorian Heartland east of the river Anduin, Ithilien is perhaps the fairest of the Gondorian fiefdoms. In a valley nestled in the Ephel Dúath stands the city and fortress of Minas Ithil, tower of the moon. The ancient seat of Isildur in the south, the tower glows with moonlight, as its lords watch over the evil land of Mordor. Under the control of the Lord of Ithilien is half of the capital Osgiliath, and the road leading to the rebelling fiefdoms in the south.
Lossarnach The Vale of Flowers is known for its beauty, its fruit and its roses, but to Eldacar it has a greater significance. Many of his best men and kinsmen perished at the Crossings of Erui, the river which runs through the fiefdom, at the end of the kinstrife. The province is governed from Imloth Melui, mere miles from where the false king Castamir died a year before.
Pelargir The city of Pelargir, capital of Lebennin, was founded by the Faithful, those men of westernesse who did not fall into darkness. Aside from Osgiliath, it is the biggest city in Gondor, and certainly the biggest port. The Ship-kings of Gondor contributed significantly to the glory of the city, when it became the capital of Gondor for a brief time. It is therefore, perhaps, understandable that Pelargir supported the Usurper Castamir after he promised to renew their glory. With the siege on the city broken, and Castamir’s sons gone, the people of Pelargir, the fisher-folk of the Ethir Anduin and the city of Linhir nearby now serve the one true king Eldacar.
Belfalas Of all the lands of Gondor, it was here the elves favoured. The elven port of Edhellond in the north still transports the Eldar Race to the blessed realm, and the town of Tarnost stands as a reminder of their glory of old. Upon the shores of the Bay of Belfalas stands the city of Tirth Aear, named after the large tower at its centre with its silver bell. The people of Dor-en-Ernil never mixed with the Middle Men, and retain pure Númenórean blood, and their lord bears the title of ‘Prince of Belfalas’.
Lamedon Within a valley between parts of the White Mountains sits the fiefdom of Lamedon, the most densely populated fiefdom of Gondor. To the north-west is the pass known as Tarlang’s Neck, supposedly formed by the death of a great giant in ages past, and within the land sits the Ringló Vale, another of the fiefdoms of Gondor. Although both fiefdoms have their own lords, it’s from the city of Calembel that the area is administered, and from here the lord of Lamedon holds power over its (very) close neighbor.
Blackroot Vale The Blackroot Vale is renowned for its archers; bows crafted here are without peer in Gondor. But the valley lies in the shadow of the White Mountains, and lies closest of all the fiefdoms to the Paths of the Dead. The spirits of the hill men that haunt the land, admittedly, do very little, but nevertheless they cast an aura of dread across the land. On a tall hill sits the Stone of Erech, brought to Middle-earth by Isildur after the Downfall of Númenor, which the men of the vale avoid if possible.
Pinnath Gelin Furthest of the fiefdoms from Osgiliath, the green hills had little to do with Gondor’s wars in the east. Now, with the kingdom itself in strife, the men of Pinnath Gelin have joined their lord and king Eldacar against the forces of Harad. Alongside them are the men of Anfalas, the small coastal fiefdom of Gondor by the sea, south of the hills.
Harnedor From the city of Bêlkadar, the men of Harnedor stand as the front line against the assaults from Gondor. After the kinstrife, the Harnedhrim rebelled against their northern overlords and joined the men of Umbar in a strong military alliance. The men who live here are brutal, displaying their victories over the northerners in a gruesome manner and sending raiding parties into the land of Harondor to assault Gondor’s rangers wherever they can find them.
Coast Southrons The vales surrounding the river Astrasir are fertile enough to support the Haradrim who live on the southern coasts. Close relatives of the men of Umbar, the Southrons of the Coast go to war under the banner of the Great Serpent, who they worship as a god. Their kings sit upon the Eye of Harad, a rare gem in the deserts of the south, and hailed as a great city across the continent. Once a province of Gondor, they too have rebelled in hope of a life free from northern rule.
Umbar Once the seat of the King’s Men in Middle Earth, and once a province of Gondor, Umbar has now rebelled against the pretender Eldacar, under the command of the sons of Castamir, true king of Gondor. After the Siege of Pelargir broke, the people of Umbar welcomed their princes with open arms. Originally built as a fortress commemorating the defeat of Sauron and the strength of Númenor, the city now sits in a well-defended bay, protected by a large fleet and their numerous allies. The monument to the defeat of Sauron still stands on the tallest hill outside the city as a reminder of the glory days.
Corsairs Along the coasts of Harad are civilised people. Civilised people and the Corsairs, that is. These pirates spend more time on sea than on land, with only their own code to guide them. While they do frequent the lands of Umbar, the Corsairs can also be found in large numbers along the coast in the south.It may only be because Umbar won’t imprison them on sight, but nonetheless the Corsairs have made a general agreement to join Harad in the assault on Gondor.
Nomads Life in the desert is hard. Neverending heat, and an always depleted water supply. Because of this, the nomadic tribes of the desert can be considered the hardiest of the Near Haradrim. Living in tents and travelling in groups around the deserts and semi-deserts, these people get by, trading with the other tribes of Haradrim from the east and west coasts. From their kinsmen by the sea, they’ve heard tales of the war on Gondor, and have promised to aid their brothers with what little they have.
Khand The Variags of Khand aren’t strictly Haradrim. Separated from the coasts by vast swaths of desert, the Variags of Khand have much more of an Eastern influence. The Variags fight with large, two-handed weapons, and are exceedingly good archers, and although drawing much of their culture from the people of Rhûn, their home lies directly under the shadow of Mordor, and as such has been heavily influenced too by the Lord Sauron. It is because of this that, upon hearing word of the kinstrife and rebellion in Gondor, they decided to join Umbar in war against the northerners.
Gulfings The fertile lands around the Gulf of Harad would perhaps forge a civilised culture, and in some respects they did. Khôpakadar, capital of the Gulf, is indeed a great city. However, their god Mulkhêr demands the blood of their fellow man, and the Gulfings are only too happy to oblige. Here, separate from the world, new species of flora and fauna flourish: the dragonblood tree and the White Oryx are native to this region, yet they do nothing to cover up the alarming amount of Mûmak bones used in their construction.

Resource Pack Edit

Here on Burning Sands we recommend the use of our custom resource pack. When you first join the server, you will be prompted to install it - if you somehow encounter difficulties installing this you can disable it from the multiplayer-server-list menu. Just click on our server, hit edit and disable 'Server Resource Packs'.

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Mow map
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jonnymoomoomoo Owner
endertortoise Staff
mewarmy Staff
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Skrylfr Staff
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Telperonwe Staff
GajaHasFallen Staff
GlennGapplePvP Staff
peperonigamez Staff
Ciryaher Tech support
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Noloite Advisor
Arcneous Advisor

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