Legends of Middle-Earth is a survival, build, and PvP server centered around Role play. All players can become faction leaders (Lords) by having +500 alignment for his chosen faction and with a defend-able fortress. This requires a Throne room, Stable, Council-Hall, Armory, and a Blacksmith. To become a King (Leadership of an entire faction biome and all the Lords within it) you must first become a Lord of a Faction (A Lord is a leader of a portion of land within a faction biome) and have +1000 alignment. When you have obtained that amount of alignment you may choose to duel Lord(s) of the same faction who want to become the King also. The winner of the duel will be announced King. If there is no other Lords contesting a faction then you will duel an Admin instead to become King of a Faction. If there is already a King you need to duel him to have the chance of becoming King of that Faction. As King you may start a war against an enemy faction and all Lords of that Faction must follow him into war. The other faction leader you are going to war with needs to accept. Lords may go to war(Siege) against other lords of an enemy faction. When you become King, your fortress will become the Capital. It is not a lore based server, but more like an ancient server with LOTR themes, such as having lore builds implemented. We are still not totally sure if and mostly how a player can get the ruler-ship of one of those builds.

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Faction Sirs, Lords and Kings Edit

When you become Sir, Lord or King, you may choose your own title but they need to fit in the type of rank you have obtained, for example; Sir (Military leader but not land owner) can be the Captain of the guards, or something of similarity. Lord can be (Faction/Race name) Lord of (Town/Build name), or military rank Major. King can be just King or Sultan Empire Khan, or whatever you can think of in respective terms.

Here is the list of all Sir's, Lords and Kings to each faction as of currently.

(2nd November 2018)

Minecraft Name: Title, Nickname

Faction Sir's Lords King
Hobbits / / /
Dúnedain of the North / / walvisnico: King of Arnor, Argeleb
Blue Mountains / / /
Lindon / AyyPossum: Vassal of Harlond, Lornion ReinierTheGhost: King of Lindon, Aeross
Rivendell / / /
Gundabad / / ? : King of Gundabad, Krazol Mancleaver
Angmar / SliixV3: Rhudaur_Prince /
Woodland realms / / Foxglove01: King of the Woodland realms, NaruNimloth
Dol Guldur / / /
Dale / Capt_Cardinal: Dalish Major-General, Cardinal Rodrig1999: King of Dale, Cracop
Iron hills / / /
Erebor / / /
Lorhlórien / / /
Dunland / / nalle king of dunland
Isengard / IAmOmi: Chieftan of the Uruks, IAmOmi /
Fangorn / / /
Rohan / / /
Gondor / FootballArcher: Lord of the Blackroot ValeI, FootballArcher /
Mordor / / TheArcReactor: Spider-King of Mordor, Dugarod Durdurzum
Near Harad / / ***
Morwaith / / /
Taurethrim / / /
Half trolls / / /
Dorwinion / / /
Rhûdel / / /
Red mountains / / /

***The previous ruler appoint TheArcReactor as ruler until someone becomes king.

Avalible Functions Edit

We are loking for builders who want to (help) build the lore builds. We like to have at least 10 people in total.

MC Name Faction  currently working on
MarcVsGaming Near Harad
Capt_Cardinal Dale
_Zinhoudc Rohan Moria/Helms deep/ edoras

(also admin)

Mordor Barad-Dur
Rodrig1999 Dale Dale
Qizu Near Harad
SliixV3 Angmar Carn Dum
Foxglove01 Woodlandrealms Minas Tirith



Events Edit

We will have multiple events that will happen at times inside of the server, there are no set time slots at the moment opposed to when we will have these events, all events will be posted into our Discord prior to it opening up. In terms of types of events, at the moment we have Utumno event, holy grail war event, hunger games event and field war/siege event 

Utumno event Edit

Because entering Utumno will lag out and crash the server, we will provide you in a possibility to fight Utumno spawn in a special arena at an hidden island. This will be open 2 or 3 times a year for about 1 or 2 weeks.

Holy grail war event Edit

In this event, you can first fight to become 1 of the 7 masters. When the masters are known, they can summon their servant. There are 7 types of servant classes; Assassin, Caster, Rider, Berserker, Archer, Lancer and Saber. The servants will be lore based characters. When the servants are summoned the holy grail war will start and the servants need to fight against each other till 1 remains. The winner earns is then granted 1 wish. Every servant will have its own powers. This event will be done in middle-earth and will appear 2 or 3 times a year, unless it will be a great holy grail war, In that case it will start with 2 factions (good and bad) with each having 7 masters and 7 servants. In this war, all players can fight for their faction. After the servants of one faction are slain, the servants of the other faction must fight each other like a normal holy grail war.

Hunger game event Edit

This event will be done once a year in the hunger games arena. It will happen as it does in the movies but with 2 players of every faction and not necessarily 1 boy and 1 girl. the winner will get a big reward.

Field war/siege event Edit

in this event there are 2 teams: good factions and evil factions, with both teams have there own tent camp, with sleep tents, councill tent and a medical tent where you can regen. the wining team is the one that or killed all foes or if yhe other team surrenders. this team will get a reward.

Lore Builds Edit

the lore builds are being made as of right now. a Lord can get the right to live and rule a build by fighting another Lord, Staff or the King of the faction or if the build has already a Lord, you may challenge him, but only once in a half a year. right now Durthang, the town of bones and Bree are done. Barad-Dur, Pelargir, Moria, Edoras, Wulfburg, Dale, Minas Tirith, Erebor and Mithlond are in progress of completion.

Legends of middle earth minecraft server- Durthang

Legends of middle earth minecraft server- Durthang

Legends of middle earth minecraft, bree

Legends of middle earth minecraft, bree

Legends of middle earth minecraft, Town of bones

Legends of middle earth minecraft, Town of bones

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