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AncarCraft: The Fourth Age is the first Italian Server which run the Lord Of The Ring Mod! Our server focuses on presenting you the immense Content of the LOTR Mod, we wish to give you an awesome gameplay rich of a number of Plugins (not too intrusive) which are used to offer you great features, we are one of the few servers (or probably the one) which run mcmmo with fixed lotr-items, also we have crates, many custom items and player auctions which improve drastically player's gameplay.

The timeline of our server begins during The Fourth Age, after the death of Eldarion, with some custom changes to it. For example, on our server Sauron didn't fall after the war of the ring, saruman is still alive and Middle-earth continue a status of alternate peace and war. Changes like these are made in order to make the gameplay experience better.

Sharpen your Swords and Battleaxes, arrange your Armour and venture out to conquer Middle-earth by defeating Hordes of Orcs, Elves, Hobbits, Trees and much more!

Choose the Race of your character (Human, Elf, Orc or Dwarf) and decide which Faction (Kingdom) earns your Character's Loyalty!

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We are anxious for a com-memorable Adventure with Roleplay, War and so on!

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Kingdoms (Factions) Edit

Durin's Folk: led by King Stannis (OdinHaddock)

Blue Dwarven: led by King Telchar (HOSTIS)

Gondor: led by King Hexnethor (Hexperim)
Helm Deep

Rohan: The Kingdom of the Horse Lords was once governed by Eomer (tuonobotto), he built Edoras and has placed its Capital there. After that, he has finished to Fortress the Helm's Deep, and other Structures and Fortresses throughout the Mark! His old Friend Theodred (Sirmatte_) was regent for long time, then he passed away. Rohan is now ruled by King Elfwine (Fvaltrock), he built the city of Aldburg.

Dunland: The Tribes of Dunland are now united by a central Government. Dunland in the past continuous Rivalries with Rohan, so the Fords of Isen became a Trench between them. For a long Time the King of Dunland was Onerves, but now he has passed away... Now the new Generations of Dunlendings are rising trough the Ranks and are preparing for their Conquests and Wars. For some time, after Onerves, Dunland was ruled by King Leodric, that built the city of Thornheart and placed here the capital of his reign.The next king was Brasus (PhoenixDood), he made whatever he could to save Dunland's independence and finally joined Arnor's empire.After Arnor's fall the next king was king Eduain who made the blessed kingdom of Dunland which was populated by Dunedain in majority.He expanded Dunland's borders and he is making a new capital based on Dunedain's culture.

Dúnedain Of The North: The Kingdom of Arnor is rebuilt with Morgorf (King Aravorn) as its King is reigning in Fornost. A long time ago, another Dúnedain, named Aleksej was reigning in Annúminas and he wanted to either claim the Throne or create an independent Kingdom of Arthedain, but he failed and fled from the Kingdom, to now return, with perhaps a new Plan... the Peace and Prosperity rule in the restored Kingdom of Arnor, while King Aravorn (Morgorf) has finished building the new City/Fortress of Tharbad. After his rule High King Halbarad vassalized the Riverlands, uniting the Dunedain and reforging the Mighty Realm of Arnor. Under his rule he rebuilt many cities and citadels, and also formed an organized hierarchy. Under his rule Arnor prospered, however, Angmar in the North has risen again and their armies are poised to strike at the proud city of Fornost...

Mordor: The dark Kingdom of the Eye is led by Sauron (DragonMaster), since the Dawn has continued with Courage and Strength, his Wars against Free Peoples, who are Humans, Dwarves and Elves, bringing both great victories and heavy defeats! Sauron has built many Forts to hold his Numbers and immense Armies, ready to conquer the World.

Gundabad: The King of Gundabad once was Azog (Concano), who built the City-Fortress of Mount Gundabad, but now he's been inactive for long Time. Bolg was a very powerful Uruk, bringing Death to his Foes, and with his great Archery, he is going to play a big Role in History, but now he seen the Light and has joined Forces with Gondor, together with another Azog, leaving Gundabad empty of Players. Now the Orcs of Gundabad have no Leader to protect them and to command them. Who wants to become the new King of mighty Gundabad?

Angmar: The fallen evil Kingdom of the North, called Angmar is ruled by a few Tribes of Orcs and Trolls, but it doesn't have a main ruling Figure. The current Inhabitants of Angmar live in the Fortress of Carn Dûm, and is eager to conquer all of Eriador and the Free Peoples. The new king of Angmar is finally Shagrat (hyperkillerTv), that built the city of Ghâsh Lug.

Isengard: The Tower of Isengard is ruled by King Saruman (KeyLime17), whose power increases every day. After he lost wars against Gondor, Saruman decided to retreat to Isengard, to isolate himself. His Uruks are gathering and bringing all their armies together, anxious to spill the blood of Men and Elves and others alike. Will the Forces of Isengard win this War, or will the Alliance of Rohan prevail?

Dol Guldur: The dark and evil Creatures that lurk in Mirkwood were once led by Emperor_Nathan, who has unfortunately left us. The Tribes of the Hill of Sorcery are currently led by King The_General.

High Elves: The last uncorrupted Kingdom of the High Elves is ruled by King Klimmesil. Many Cities emerged in the past in the ancient Lands of the High Elves, like Rivendell. Klimmesil is now building a new City in his Realm, that once finished, will become the Capital of his fair and great Kingdom.

Lothlórien: The beautiful Kingdom of Lothlórien was once ruled by Trild900, who has built the fortified town of Caras Galadhon and Cerin Amroth, where he transfered the Seat of the Kingdom. Now that Trild900 has passed away, and the Galadhrim are looking for a new Leader. One new Elf has answered the Call, and wishes to become King of Lothlórien after his city is built.

Silvan Elves: The Realm of the Wood-Elves was once ruled by Finrod (Molol97). After building an impressive palace in the Wastes of the Woodland Realm, he passed away and then the new king Thranduil (Molo97) who began the Construction of the imposing Thranduil's Halls. After a brief period of interregnum, King Thranduil(Molo97) has returned to his kingdom, restoring the elves as a major actor in Middle Earth.

Rhudel: The Easterling Tribes of Rhúdel seek a valid Guide trough these rough Times of despair and Death. With the right Ruler, they could become a serious Threat to the Lands of the West. Who wants to become the King of Rhúdel? An Easterling built a city and might become the new king.

Wainriders: The Wainriders are a Confederation of Easterling Tribes that live east of Rhúdel, near the City of Balcaras, one of the few permanent Cities of this Faction and of the Area. The City is under Titano03's Management, who claims to be the next King, and is on a good path to it.

Dorwinion: The Wine-Lands of the Rhun Sea are currently led by King Duinor (TheRaggedyMiner) who usurped peacefully the throne from the last King Rainbow_Tree, who built the City of Gwinlond.

Dale: The Northmen-Kingdom of old stands proudly to this Day. Though their players and earls are spread few and far, under the rule of King Hope (Simsonmp), they hope to unite and forge together a great empire, to bring back the glory days of old.

Works Built: Edit

Here the complete list of all the structures inside our giant server. All of these structures are already built and recognized (Cities or Forts).
Dain's Halls Gate

Durin's Folk Edit

  • Khazad-dûm: City (Misty Mountains, Very large)
  • Dor Rad: City (Misty Mountains)
  • Dain's Halls: City (Grey Mountains)
  • Scatha's Lair Fortress: City (Grey Mountains)
  • Erebor: City
  • Azanulimbar-dúm: City (Iron Hills)
  • East Peak: City (Iron Hills)
  • Gimli's Fortness: City (Iron Hills)
  • Glittering Caves: Fort (White Mountains)
  • Thorin's Halls: City (Blue Mountains)
  • Zirak-Dûm: City
  • Thora: City (Dimrill Dale)
  • Stonewatch: Fort (Prov 406)
  • Saint Antoine: Fort
  • Thoron: Fort

Dale Edit

  • Lake Town/Esgaroth: City
  • Winterfell: City
  • Proudhaven: City
  • Last Watch: Fort
  • Ankorien Poltzen: City

Silvan Elves Edit

  • Thranduil Halls: City
  • Molol's Halls: City
  • River Gate: Fort
  • Garth Duat: Fort
  • Forodhren Garth: Fort
  • Gwanun-Garth: Fort
  • Gart-uin-nin- Fort

Lothlorien Edit

  • Cerin Amroth: City
  • Caras Galadhon: City
  • House of Nimrodel: City
  • Viridian: City
Grey Havens AncarCraft TheFourthAge Server

High Elves Edit

  • Ost-In-Edhil: City (Eregion)
  • Elostirion: Fort (Tower Hills)
  • Imladris: City (Rivendell)
  • Grey Havens: City
  • Forlindon: City
  • Ilyath Elunor: City
  • Forlond: City
Minas Tirith AncarCraft TheFourthAge Server

Gondor Edit

  • Eilenach: City
  • Ethring: City
  • Cair Andros: City
  • Amon-Dìn: City
  • Osgiliath: City
  • Minas Tirith: City
  • Lond Daer: City
  • Summerfell: City
  • Steadwick: City
  • Minas Brethil: City
  • Minas Polaris: City
  • Halifirien Border Fortress: Fort
  • Minas Sernis: City
  • Poros: City
  • Dorhan: Fort
  • Andrail: Fort
  • Rast Hanadh: Fort
  • Beechgate: City
  • Woodsword: Fort
  • Blackwidow: Fort
  • Squidrock: Fort
  • Osarwall: Fort
  • Neoria: Fort
  • Daerhill: Fort
  • Althil: Fort
  • Blackstead: Fort

Northern Dúnedain/Rangers of the North Edit

  • Annúminas: City
  • Fornost: City
  • Bree: City (Independent)
  • Tharbad: City
  • Weathertop: Fort
  • Beriodin: Fort
  • Tarsis: City
  • Northshire Point: Fort
  • Fennas Druinin: Fort
  • Tolost: Fort (Prov 206)

Rohan Edit

  • Thunder Peak: Fort
  • Edoras: City
  • Helm's Deep: City
  • Dunharrow (Camp): City
  • Dunharrow: (City of the Dead): City
  • Aldburg: City
  • Westburg: Fort

Mordor Edit

  • Amon Angren: Fort (Awaiting Reconstruction)
  • Nargroth: Fort (Awaiting Reconstruction)
  • Fornurnen: Fort (Awaiting Reconstruction)
  • Barad-Dur: City
  • Morannon: Lore Wall
  • Khorok Bay: City

Blue Dwarves Edit

  • Belegost: City
  • Nogrod: City
  • Azaghal Dûm: City
  • Luin Dûm: City
  • Ered Dûm: City (Grey Mountains)

Gundabad Edit

  • Mount Gundabad: City
  • Bolg's Halls: City
  • Mount Methedras Fortress: City
  • Felltops: City

Isengard Edit

  • Orthanc: Lore Tower
  • Fort Angbor: Fort

Angmar Edit

  • Carn Dûm: City
  • Ghâsh Lug: City
  • Burz Kala: Fort
  • Icausan Kodar: Fort
  • Durotar: Fort

Dol Guldur Edit

  • Dol Guldur Fortress: Lore Fort
  • City of The_General: City

Rhudel Edit

  • Khamul's Tower: Lore Tower
  • Almadinas: City
  • Mijad Rhudel: Fort

Wainriders Edit

  • Balcaras: City

Harad Edit

  • Vejsha Athasa: City

Dunland Edit

  • Thornheart: City
  • Dungaloth: City
  • Dunhold:City
  • Great Northern Fort: Fort

Dorwinion Edit

  • Gwinlond: City
  • Fillias: City
  • Celestanor: City

Tol Edhil Edit

  • Othrond Amandil: Fort
  • Amon Othrond: Fort
  • Maeg-Il: Fort
  • Rhun Othrond: Fort

Shire Edit

  • Hobbiton: City
  • Bonnieville: City

Varnien Edit

  • Quickwood: Fort
  • Highstone: Fort
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