Welcome, dear reader, to The Awakening page on the LotR mod wikia! On this page we have listed a few things, an index will follow after this short introduction.Edit

The Awakening is a 1.7.10 server using the latest version of the Lord of the Rings mod. We have room for all sorts of player types and "play genres", be it PvP, PvE, roleplay, build or survival. Some details about all these genres will follow later on.

Newsboard Edit

  • As of September 8th, this server is shutting down due to issues in the community and a loss of members of the staff team, the owner, timgodreuil, is seeking new staff if any can be found to potentially continue the server. He is seeking members from outside the current community who will be impartial to current player grievances.

Server information Edit

As you might have read already in the short introduction, we have a place for many "play genres", be it PvP, PvE, roleplay, build or survival. There are of course some rules on PvP, as not everybody might like to get randomly slain, you can read more about this under "Server rules"=>"PvP rules". Building has got its own aspect on the server: buildmode.


Buildmode Edit

Buildmode is, like it says already, a new gamemode added to the game, and is part of The Awakening plugin. You have two types of buildmode: builder and head-builder. The only difference between the two is that head-builder has access to world edit. Buildmode grants you access to /gmb and /getblocks (and world edit for head-builder). To start with, /gmb, this will set you in the buildmode. Please note: make sure your inventory is empty when going into it, if you crash you might lose your inventory. The second command, /getblocks, opens a panel with building blocks, note that this command is only accessible in buildmode and does not include all blocks. If you need a block that isn't in there, please ask staff to give it to you. And as last but not the least, if in buildmode you are able to fly, who needs Redbull when you have buildmode!

Please note that you can ask fly for building at any time, just ask staff! Also a note, if working on a lore build, you are able to ask blocks from staff to build with, this is a can, not a must.

Staff members Edit

Owner - timgodreuil


Head-Administrator - None

Head-Moderator - Jrod752

Head-Roleplay-Staff - thecrazy13


Administrators - None

Moderators - Silversita15

Roleplay-Staff - None

  • We also have a number of retired staff who help out when they can.


Server rulesEdit

*Need to be pasted in, can be found on our discord.*

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We at TALS we do hope you join us on the server or at the very least on our discord, and may the hair on your toes never fall out!

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