A Feast of War, a LotR-Mod Minecraft Server. Edit

A Feast of War (Afow) is a part of the many Minecraft: Lord of the Rings Mod servers. Although, we like to make some different approaches on this server to make it more unique and stand out. As example, we will be using a War Map. This means that you will have to move your army on a map, like a strategy game. You can find more information about the War Map system on our Discord. We also have a reputation system which will reward you for bringing glory to factions. Beside that, we also have other mods like More Player Models and Archimedes.

Our IP is

We are a survival server with a heavy focus on PvP, and lore is also important to us. Altough you don't have to be a certain Gondorian to be king of Gondor as an example.

Our server is up-to-date with the updates of the mods, we are currently on 34.1, and will update to newer versions.

 Staff Edit

Owner: Wipeout2099

Head-Admin: Marrochir

Admin: Shruik

Moderator: The_White_Miner

Discord Edit

Most of our rules, lore and other important news is found there. Such as builds, mods etc.

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