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There are many Minecraft Servers that use the Lord of the Rings Mod. These servers are listed below.

WARNING: Please do edit this page carefully. Do not comment about people getting themselves banned from servers. Do not remove servers only because you feel ill treated by their staff. When you remove a server you've added or you own, please leave the reason why you did it in the summary.

If you were banned, there probably is a good reason for that, and the best way to get unbanned is to make a ban appeal to the relevant server's facebook page. Saying things in the comments such as "I was banned for no reason" won't get you unbanned from the server any sooner, and is likely to result in you getting banned from the wiki, too.

Please only add your server to the list below if it is a public server (i.e. open to the general public, not just a server set up for some friends) - this does include whitelisted servers if you can apply to be whitelisted.

If you are a server owner or user, you are welcome to help us keep this page up-to-date when new information is released.

If you are a player, please keep it updated as soon as possible but unless confirmed, do not state your own reason as to why it is down.

Notice for server owners

Please check this utility tool that has been created especially for your convenience: Joetater, a region saver. You might also find useful information here: How to manage a LOTR server.

How to join a server

You want to play on a server, but don't know how to get started? Read this tutorial.

Official Server

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge version
LOTR Mod Official Server Online Public Beta 31.3

Unofficial Servers

The following list is sorted in alphabetical order. (Editors, keep it like this!)

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge version
A beginning: Age of Revolution Offline Public Beta 31.3 Unspecified
A Beginning: Ascension of Arda Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A Beginning: Realms of Middle Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A Beginning Adventure: Fellowships of Middle-Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A Conquest Journey: Battle For Middle Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest Recommend
A Journey Through Middle Earth - The One Ring Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A New Age: The Dominion of Middle-Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A New Age: The Realm of Aranarth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
A New Age:Age of Fire Online Public Beta 31.3
MinefantasyII 2.8.11
CustomNPCs 1.7.10d
A New Beginning: Age of Empires Offline Public Beta 29.6 Latest
A New Beginning: Lord of the Blocks★ Offline Public Beta 29.3
A Rise of a New Era Online Public Beta 31.3 Unspecified
A Third age: Rise of War Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
AA - Apocryphes d'Arda
(Serveur Français) Online
Public Beta 29.6
AC - ArdaCraft Offline (WIP) Public Beta 31.3 Latest
ACEMC LordOfTheRings Offline Public Beta 30.5
Quite a few other mods, please install the modpack using the links below.
CurseForge Technic
Age Before Conquest Offline Public Beta 29.6 1.7.10 Latest
Age of Adamant - Roots of Middle Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
Age of Corruption Online Latest 1.7/10
AncarCraft: The Fourth Age Online Public Beta 31.3

(Serveur Français)

mc40.boxtoplay:26741 En ligne Public Beta 31 Unspecified
Awakening Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
Battle of Arda Offline Public Beta 27.2 Unspecified
Conquest of Middle Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
Dawn of the Ring or
Online Public Beta 31.3
Dawn of the War Currently in maintance Offline
Public Beta 31.3
+ Additional mods
Dawning Age LOTR Online Public Beta 31.3 Unspecified
Devastation of the Ring Offline Public Beta 29.6 Latest
Elder Days: A First Age Server Unknown Offline Public Beta 31.3 (with add-on mod) Latest
EndorëCraft Server Offline Public Beta 31 Unspecified
First Age Server Offline Public Beta 28.2
(Special Edition)
Harry's Unofficial Minecraft Movie Server Offline Public Beta 30.5 Unspecified
Isildur's Bane LOTR Server Online Public Beta 31.3
It's a hARDA world Online Public Beta 31.3
Land of Shadows: Scourge of Middle-Earth Offline Public Beta 28.2 Latest
LariksCraft Online Public Beta 31.2 Unspecified
LegendNation LOTR Server Offline Public Beta 28.2
Lord of the Rings Battle Build Online Public Beta 30.5 Unspecified
Lords of Arda Offline
Public Beta 31.3 Latest
LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth Offline Public Beta 30.3
LOTR Gaming Offline Public Beta 29.6 Unspecified
Lotr-Mine (RU) or Online Public Beta 31.3 Unspecified
LOTR-modpack by sevdeawesome

Then do /server lotr

Offline Public Beta 28.2
LOTR Phoenix Online Public Beta 23.3 Unspecified
LoTRCircles Online Public Beta 31.3
Primacraft Online Public Beta 31.3
Return of Sauron Offline
Public Beta 28.2 Latest
Rise of Kingdoms Offline Public Beta 29.1 Unspecified
Rise of the Third Age Online Public Beta 31.1 Latest
Second Age Server Online Public Beta 31.3
(special version with Second Age map of Arda)
Steel Armies: Total War Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
The End to All Things
Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
The Fourth Age, ext Online Public Beta 31.3
Forge 13.3.1358
The Kindoms Of Middle-Earth & Beyond (Note: While people play we prepare for bigger changes on our server) Online Public Beta 31.3
+ Our Modpack
Cauldron 1388
The One Server to Rule Them All, Lotr Server Offline Public Beta 28.2 Unspecified
The Return of the Great Shadow Online Public Beta 31.3 Latest
The Rise of Morgoth Online Public Beta 31.3
The Rise of the East Offline Public Beta 31.1 Unspecified
The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld)
Online Public Beta 31.3
ThormenLOTR Online Public Beta 31.3
ThormenLOTR modpack
Tolkyrion LOTR Offline Public Beta 30.5 Unspecified
TotalwarME Offline Public Beta 29.6 All
Wrath of the East Online Public Beta 31 Latest
Servers running the LotR Mod
Official Servers:

Official Server

Unofficial Servers:

A beginning: Age of RevolutionA Beginning: Ascension of ArdaA Beginning: Realms of Middle EarthA Beginning Adventure: Fellowships of Middle-EarthA Conquest Journey: Battle For Middle EarthA Journey Through Middle Earth - The One RingA New Age: The Dominion of Middle-EarthA New Age:Age of FireA New Beginning: Age of EmpiresA New Beginning: Lord of the Blocks★A Rise of a New EraA Third age: Rise of War


AA - Apocryphes d'ArdaAC - ArdaCraftACEMC LordOfTheRingsAge Before ConquestAge of Adamant - Roots of Middle EarthAn End to All ThingsAncarCraft: The Fourth AgeArda le 4eme ageAwakening


Battle of ArdaDawn of the RingDawn of the WarDawning Age LOTRDevastation of the RingElder Days: A First Age ServerEndorëCraft Server


First Age ServerHarry's Unofficial Minecraft Movie ServerIsildur's Bane LOTR ServerIt's a hARDA world


Land of Shadows: Scourge of Middle-EarthLariksCraftLegendNation LOTR ServerLotr-Mine (RU)LOTR-LOTR PhoenixLoTRCirclesPrimacraftReturn of SauronRise of KingdomsRise of the Third Age


Second Age ServerSteel Armies: Total WarThe Fourth AgeThe Kindoms Of Middle-Earth & BeyondThe One Server to Rule Them All, Lotr ServerThe Return of the Great ShadowThe Rise of MorgothThe Rise of the EastThe Second Server That Wont Rule AnythingThormenLOTRTotalwarMEWrath of the East

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