There are many Minecraft Servers that use the Lord of the Rings Mod. These servers are listed below.

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Notice for server owners

Please check this utility tool that has been created especially for your convenience: Joetater, a region saver. You might also find useful information here: How to manage a LOTR server.

How to join a server

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Official Server

Name IP Status Runs mod version Other Mods
LOTR Mod Official Server Online Update 34.3 None

Unofficial Servers

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Name IP Status Runs mod version Other Mods
Age of Descendents Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Age of Elidreah Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Age of Sauron Online Update 34.2 None
Age of war Online Update 34.3 None
AncarCraft: The Fourth Age Online Update 34.3 None
Anduins Wrath Online Update 34.3 Modpack
Apocryphes d'Arda (Serveur Français) Online (Whitelisted) Update 34.3 Astikoor v1.0.0
Locks v1.0.0

Archimedes Ships v1.7.1

Ascension d'Arda (Fr) Online Update 34.3 Astikoor v1.0.0
Bibliocraft v1.11.7
Ascension of Kingdoms Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Avalon: LOTR Offline Update 34.3 None
Blood on Mithril Offline Public Beta 33.4 None
Cities of Arda Online Public Beta 33.4 Modpack
Conquest of Arda Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Darkness upon Middle-Earth Online Update 34.3 None
Eternal Kingdoms Online Update 34.3 Server Technic Pack
A Feast of War Online Update 34.3 Modpack, focused on naval combat & immersion
Fellowships of Middle-Earth Online Update 34.3 None
Flames of War Under Maintenance (Whitelisted) Update 34.3 Modpack (Custom Launcher)
Isildur's Bane LOTR Server Online Update 34.3 None
It's an even hARDA world Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Legends of Middle-earth Online Update 34.3 None
LOTR Survival Online Update 34.3 None
LoTRCircles Online Public Beta 33.4 Modpack
Masters of War Offline Update 34.3 None
A New Age: The Dominion of Middle-Earth Online Update 34.2 None
New Age: Age of Fire Online Public Beta 31.3 MinefantasyII 2.8.11 & CustomNPCs 1.7.10d
New Arda or Online Public Beta 33.4 None
A New Dawn or Online Update 34.3 None
Primacraft: War of the Ring Online Public Beta 33.4 Modpack (Custom Launcher)
Quest of Wanderer Online Update 34.3 None
Reign of Ennor to be released Opening Soon Update 34.3 None
Runic Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Shadow of the Ring Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Steel Armies: A Shift in Time Online Update 34.3 None
Swords of Arda Online Update 34.3 None
Tales of The Third Age Online Public Beta 33.8 None
Tales of The Westmarch Online Public Beta 33.8 None
The Awakening LOTR Server Online Public Beta 33.4 None
The End to All Things Offline Update 34.3 None
The Flaming Shadow Online Public Beta 32.3 None
The One Ring Online Update 34.3 None
The Ring of Power Online Update 34.2 None
Rise of Darkness Online Update 34.3 None
The Rise of Morgoth Online Update 34.3 (CustomNPCs 1.7.10d Required) & Modpack (Modpack only adds client-side mods, not required)
The Second Age Online Public Beta 33.4 None
The Second Breakfast Club Online Update 34.3 None
The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld)
Online Update 34.3 Modpack
The Timeless Halls Online Public Beta 33.7 None
There and Back Again Online Update 34.1 None
A Third age: Rise of War Online Update 34.3 None
War of the Ring Online Public Beta 33.4 None
Zyrule: Dwarven Exploration Online Public Beta 33.8 Modpack


Since its beginning, the Lord of the Rings Mod has been multiplayer-compatible. The first public Minecraft server running the Lord of the Rings Mod was Immortalis, founded on September 1st, 2013. While this server closed in July of the following year due to maintenance difficulties, a large number of other servers had been founded by that time, and multiplayer gameplay became more popular than ever. The Official server was launched on September 22nd, 2014, about two months after Immortalis was shut down.

Servers running the LotR Mod
Official Servers:

Official Server

Unofficial Servers:

AncarCraft: The Fourth AgeApocryphes d'ArdaArda le 4eme ageAvalon: LOTR


Beginning: A New life in Middle EarthBlood on MithrilBurning SandsCastle PlanetCities of ArdaEnnorathEras of Arda: The Elder Days


Fellowships of Middle-EarthFlames of WarImmortalisIsildur's Bane LOTR ServerIt's a hARDA worldA Journey Through Middle Earth - The One Ring


LOTR SurvivalLoTRCirclesMasters of War: Burning SandsA New Age: The Dominion of Middle-EarthNew Age:Age of FireNew ArdaPrimacraft


Simplicity: A Lord of the Rings Server • Steel Armies: The Last DaysThe 12 Rings ServerThe Awakening LOTR ServerThe End to All ThingsThe Rise of MorgothThe Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld) • There and Back AgainThird age: Rise of WarWar of the Ring

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