There are many Minecraft Servers that use the Lord of the Rings Mod. These servers are listed below.

WARNING: Please do edit this page carefully. Do not comment about people getting themselves banned from servers. Do not remove servers only because you feel ill treated by their staff. When you remove a server you've added or you own, please leave the reason why you did it in the summary.

If you were banned, there probably is a good reason for that, and the best way to get unbanned is to make a ban appeal to the relevant server's facebook page. Saying things in the comments such as "I was banned for no reason" won't get you unbanned from the server any sooner, and is likely to result in you getting banned from the wiki, too.

Please only add your server to the list below if it is a public server (i.e. open to the general public, not just a server set up for some friends) - this does include whitelisted servers if you can apply to be whitelisted.

If you are a server owner or user, you are welcome to help us keep this page up-to-date when new information is released.

If you are a player, please keep it updated as soon as possible but unless confirmed, do not state your own reason as to why it is down.

Please do not post Server Names beginning with an "A [insert here]". Such things have been used multiple times to attempt get to the top of the list. In the interest of caution, any name that begins with "A [insert here]" will be moved to its place on the list if the name had no "A".

Notice for server owners

Please check this utility tool that has been created especially for your convenience: Joetater, a region saver. You might also find useful information here: How to manage a LOTR server.

How to join a server

You want to play on a server, but don't know how to get started? Read this tutorial.

Official Server

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge version
LOTR Mod Official Server Online Public Beta 33.4

Unofficial Servers

The following list is sorted in alphabetical order. (Editors, keep it like this!)

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge version
Age of Darkness Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Age of Sauron Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
AncarCraft: The Fourth Age Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Apocryphes d'Arda
(Serveur Français) Online
Public Beta 33.4
Arda le 4eme age
(Serveur Français) Offline Public Beta 31.3 Latest
Awakening Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Battle For middle Earth Online Public Beta 33.3 Unspecified
Battle of Empires Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Beginning Adventure: Fellowships of Middle-Earth

(Main server) (Creative-plots server)

Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Beginning: A New life in Middle Earth Online Public Beta 31.3 Unspecified
Beginning: Realms of Middle Earth Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Blood on Mithril Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Burning Sands Unknown Offline Public Beta 34 (when released)
Burning Sands Submod
Cities of Arda Online Public Beta 33.4
Conquest Journey: Battle For Middle Earth Offline Public Beta 33.3 Recommended
(Serveur RP Français)
mc37.boxtoplay:27908 en ligne Public Beta 32.3 Unspecified
Eras of Arda: The First Age Server Online Custom LOTRmod-mod (33.4) Latest
Flames of War (see the wiki page for additional IPs) Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Isildur's Bane LOTR Server Online Public Beta 33.4
It's a hARDA world Online Public Beta 33.4
Journey Through Middle Earth - The One Ring Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
LOTR Conquest Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Lord of the Rings --- Online Public Beta 33.4
+ modpack
LOTR:Stars of Middle-Earth Online Public Beta 33.4
Thaumcraft 4
(Requires Modpack on Technic)
LOTR Survival Online Public Beta 33.4
LoTRCircles Online Public Beta 33.4
New Age Online Public Beta 33.4 Unspecified
New Age: The Dominion of Middle-Earth Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
New Age:Age of Fire Online Public Beta 31.3
MinefantasyII 2.8.11
CustomNPCs 1.7.10d
New Arda or Online Public Beta 33.4 1614 (Latest)
New Dawn: Light and Darkness Offline Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Primacraft Online Public Beta 33.4
Random Non Roleplay Server Online Public Beta 33.4 Unspecified
Simplicity: A Lord of the Rings Server To be added Offline Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Steel Armies: The Last Days Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
The 12 Rings Server Online Public Beta 33.4 Unspecified
The End to All Things Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
The Flaming Shadow Offline Public Beta 32.3 Latest
The Hobbit Online Public Beta 33.3 Latest
The Return of the Great Shadow Offline until further notice Public Beta 33.4 Latest
The Rise of Morgoth Temporarily Offline Public Beta 33.4 or
Modpack (CustomNPCs Required)
The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld)
Online Public Beta 33.4
There and Back Again Online Public Beta 33.3 1614
Third age: Rise of War Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
War of the Ring Online Public Beta 33.4 Latest
Servers running the LotR Mod
Official Servers:

Official Server

Unofficial Servers:

Age of CorruptionAn Age After MorgothAncarCraft: The Fourth AgeApocryphes d'ArdaArda le 4eme ageAwakening


Beginning Adventure: Fellowships of Middle-EarthBeginning: A New life in Middle EarthBeginning: Realms of Middle-earthConquest Journey: Battle For Middle EarthDawn of the RingDawn of the WarDawning Age LOTRDrums of WarEnnorath • Empire of Steel • Eras of Arda: The First Age Server


Isildur's Bane LOTR ServerIt's a hARDA worldJourney Through Middle Earth - The One Ring


Lords of Arda • Lotr-Mine (RU)LOTR Survival LoTRCirclesMemories Of Arda New Age: The Dominion of Middle-EarthNew Age:Age of FireNew ArdaPrimacraftRings of PowerRise of a New EraRise of the Dark Realms


The End to All Things • The Flaming Shadow • The Return of the Great ShadowThe Rise of MorgothThe Second Server That Wont Rule Anything (Plotworld) • Third age: Rise of WarThormenLOTR

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