Your servants are destroyed and scattered; your neighbours you have made your enemies; and you have cheated your new master, or tried to do so.

–Gandalf in The Two Towers, The Voice of Saruman

Saruman is an easter egg, added by Mevans to troll the players constantly asking for Gandalf. He glows in all rainbow colours which could be a reference to the lore where Saruman calls himself "Saruman of many colours." He does not spawn naturally but can be summoned with spawn eggs, mob spawners or the command /lotr_summon lotr.Saruman

Saruman emits explosion particles in frequent periods that do no damage but throw the player back. Sometimes he rotates uncontrolled around himself. He also makes the same sounds as orcs, though at a much higher frequency.

He wields the staff of Gandalf the White. He can spawn rabbits and the rabbits have a chance to mount Saruman, building a tower of rabbits above Saruman's head. If you kill him the rabbits on his head will stay in a tower. Sometimes he eats a log, just like other NPCs can eat food.

He has a random nametag.

Due to the rapid explosions all the time, it is very difficult to reach Saruman and projectiles shot at him have a chance to be thrown back.

When killed, Saruman will drop nothing but XP rarely his staff and bones.

One use that he has however is to make crazy orc bomb or mob railguns!


Don't even ask about the background.

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