You might as well search for some other kind of small ruin.

Ruined houses can be found throughout the less populated regions of north-west Middle-earth, such as Minhiriath and the Lone-lands.


Ruined houses are mostly made out of oak wood planks and oak wood fence, with some Oak Wood Logs used in the corners and the walls. The floor is made out of dirt and cobblestone, with moss growing on some of it.


Each ruined house contains a chest with semi-valuable to valuable loot (gold, weapons, saddles, bones, etc.) and a useful furnace.

Occasionally, you may stumble across the remains of certain poor farmers who had the unhappy misfortune of being a troll's lunch...


Since Public Beta 25 two variants are included in the mod:

  • The rotten house, where the wooden parts of the house are replaced by rotten logs and planks.
  • The burnt house, where the wooden parts of the house are replaced by charred logs and planks, and the stone parts are replaced by scorched stone.


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