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Rohan brick is a brownish stone brick block that is used by the horse-lords of Rohan, and made from the rock of their native land.

Availability Edit

Rohan brick can be found in and mined from Rohan fortresses, where they make up part of the floor. They also appear as part of the inside of Rohan barrows. Additionally, the roads of Rohan are made of these bricks, which may of course, also be crafted.

Crafting Edit

These bricks can be crafted on the Rohirric crafting table from four Rohan rocks. Using this crafting method will yield four Rohan brick blocks, which means that one block of Rohan rock effectively equals one block of Rohan bricks.

Rohirric crafting recipe
Rohirric Crafting
Rohan Rock
Rohan Rock
Rohan Rock
Rohan Rock
Rohan Brick

Once crafted, the brick can then be made into slabs, stairs, walls, and carved bricks using the regular Minecraft crafting recipes on the Rohirric crafting table.


Rohan brick stairs, block, slab and wall

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