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Minecraft ringlogo

Ring Forging is an as-yet unimplemented game mechanic that will allow the player to forge Rings of Power by combining metal rings with various gemstones. It is not planned to be added in any specific upcoming update.

This feature has been planned ever since the start of the mod (hence the currently useless silver and mithril rings), but has not yet been added due to various setbacks and/or higher priorities.

The basic mechanics of ring forging, when it is added, will likely be something along these lines:

  • Rings can be forged on Ring Forges found in Eregion, or possibly Mordor
  • Forging a ring will require very high Elven or Morgul alignment
  • A silver, gold, or mithril ring can be combined with one of between 10 and 20 different gems
  • The abilities granted by the ring depend on the gem used, and their strength depends on the value of the metal used
  • Rings will grant various passive, defensive, or offensive powers
  • Rings will be wielded in a new ring inventory slot

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