This page is a guide on pronouncing the names invented for the LOTR Mod.

Most invented names are Sindarin, and thus follow the pronunciation of Sindarin as laid out here and here.

Capitalised syllables denote stress. Language abbreviations are:

  • K: Khuzdul (Dwarvish)
  • S: Sindarin (Grey-elvish)
Name Meaning Pronunciation
Amon Gwîn S: young-hill
or wine-hill
Astras S: ash-horn
or sunlight-horn
Baraz-dûm K: red-delvings BAR-az DOOM
Durnaur S: dark fire DUR-nour

(first syllable sounds like do, last sounds like our)

Edhelmir S: elf-jewel ETH-ell-meer

(th sound is like this, not think)

Emyn Winion S: hills of young-land EM-een WEEN-ee-on
Eryn Caran S: red forest ER-een CAR-an
Gulduril S: sorcery-glow GUL-dur-ill
Gwínlond S: wine-port GWEEN-lond
Harhúdor S: south-east-land har-ROO-dor
Hartorogost S: south-troll-city har-TOR-og-ost
Hatholwaith S: axe-land
and axe-people

(last syllable as in Pertorogwaith)

Laegras S: green-horn LIE-gras
Moredain S: dark-men MORE-e-dine
Pertorogwaith S: half-troll-land
and half-troll-people

(last syllable sounds like wife, but ending in the th sound of bath)

Rhúdel S: eastern horror ROO-dell
Rhúnaer S: eastern sea ROON-ire
Rhúnaerim S: eastern-sea-people roon-IRE-im
Rhúnost S: eastern city ROON-ost
Sarlluin S: blue rock SAR-lween
Sarngaran S: red rock SARN-gar-an
Tauredain S: forest-men TAU-re-dine

(first syllable rhymes with cow, last syllable rhymes with pine)

Tauwaeras S: great-wind-horn
or forest-wind-horn

(first syllable as in Tauredain)

Tol Hîth S: island of mist tol HEETH

Note to editors: The International Phonetic Alphabet is not used, since most people are unfamiliar with it, and a simpler approach is more helpful to the average mod user.

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