Plum kvass (or квас in cyrillic) is a light alcoholic drink like cider or ale, but made from plums and wheat instead of apples.

Brewing Edit

Plum kvass is brewed in a barrel with the usual three water buckets along with three plums and three wheat.

brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Plum Kvass

Obtaining Edit

Plum kvass may be bought from a Near Harad drink trader, Gondorian brewers, or Rohirric brewers. This delectable drink may also be looted from Dalish houses and watchtowers.

Effects Edit

There are no positive buffs, nausea is the only effect you can get from this, other than filling your hunger bar.

Potency Alcoholicity Hunger Restored
Weak 0.5% 1food
Light 1% 2food
Moderate 2% 4food
Strong 4% 8food
Potent 6% 10food2food

Trivia Edit

Kvass (or квас in cyrillic) does really exist. It is a Russian (or East European) beverage, normally made from fermented black or rye bread. It can be flavoured with fruit or herbs. It has been a cheap and common drink in Eastern Europe since the Middle Ages. Kvass in real life has quite a low alcoholicity (0.5% to 1%). I don't know if Plum kvass really exists, but why not?

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