The plate is a block (and associated item) that can be found in a wide variety of structures, ranging from the Hobbit holes of the Shire, to the mead halls of Rohan, and the taverns of Dunland.


You can also make plates yourself, crafting raw clay plates with three clay balls in a row:

vanilla crafting recipe
Clay Plate
heat needed
Clay Plate
any kind of fuel

Now, fire those in a furnace. This can not be done in any type of forge or Hobbit oven.


Once the plate has been placed on a block you can right-click it with a food item to place that item on the plate. You can stack up to 64 food items of the same food type on a single plate (since Public Beta 21). Cakes and soups can not be stacked on plates.

Right-clicking a filled plate with something else or empty handed, will feed the player one piece. If you want to take a single piece, shift-right-click the plate (since Public Beta 21). If you want to take all food and the plate, break the plate (left-click).

As of Public Beta 27, plates, like pebbles, can be skimmed on water for fun. They rotate, when thrown (since Public Beta 6).


Plates can also be thrown, causing minor damage to any mob they hit, and breaking random glass or glowstone blocks that they fly through in a 5x5 corridor. Hobbits can also throw plates at you. You can auto-shoot plates by dispensers.

The achievement 'Kitchen Brawler' is awarded for killing a Middle-earth NPC upon which damage has been inflicted only by thrown plates.

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