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Mushroom stew is a vanilla food type made of, as the name suggests, mushrooms (red and brown).

Milking Mooshrooms Edit

Mushroom stew can be obtained by “milking” (right-clicking) a mooshroom (bovine animal found in the overworld) with an empty bowl. The bowl will be filled with the mushroom stew.

(No Mooshrooms spawn in Middle earth)

If a stack of bowls is used on a mooshroom, only one bowl is filled, and the mushroom stew will go into an empty inventory slot, or be dropped if the player's inventory is full.

Crafting Edit

vanilla crafting recipe
Mushroom Stew


A bowl of mushroom stew restores 6 (6food) and 7.2 saturation points.

The bowl is returned to the player empty after the stew has been eaten, and can be re-used to craft more.

Minecraft Blocks & Items Mushroom Stew01:10

Minecraft Blocks & Items Mushroom Stew

The video shows how to make mushroom stew.

Note: Mushroom stew no longer restores 8 (8food) hunger points, but 6 (6food).

Food of Middle-earth

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