They went into the farmer’s kitchen, and sat by the wide fire-place. Mrs. Maggot brought out beer in a huge jug, and filled four large mugs.

The Fellowship of the Ring, A Short Cut to Mushrooms

The mug is a placeable item which can hold many different kinds of drinks. To fill them with a drink, right click on the tap of a barrel of the drink that you want to fill the mug with and then either place it down on a solid block or drink it by holding down right click.

Right clicking on a placed mug will make you drink it instantly. Also, you can right-click an empty vessel with a full one in your hand, or vice versa to transport the fluids to and from each other.

Mugs can be found in very many structures (preferably such as the mead halls and taverns) or bought from traders, especially bartenders.

Wooden mugsEdit

The method of crafting mugs is by putting two tin ingots and any type of wood plank in a vertical row.

vanilla crafting recipe
Tin Ingot
Wood Planks
Tin Ingot

Ceramic mugsEdit

The way to make ceramic mugs is by first crafting clay mugs from two tin ingots and a lump of clay in a vertical row.

vanilla crafting recipe
Tin Ingot
Tin Ingot

heat needed
clay mug
any kind of fuel
ceramic Mug

Then smelt them in an ordinary furnace to harden them. The smelting doesn't work in a Hobbit oven, however you can smelt them in a Dwarven forge.


In previous versions, only the wooden mugs existed, but they were crafted by using the clay recipe and then smelting. Pre Public Beta 29 there was a very major exploit that allowed to duplicate mugs, and as mugs were bought by traders, get infinite coins.

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