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Morgul-shrooms are edible mushrooms found in Mordor.

They restore 4 (4food) hunger points and can be used to brew Orc draught. Eating the mushroom for the first time will earn you the achievement Survivalist.

If you don't have positive alignment with Mordor, eating these mushrooms will poison you.

Obtaining Edit

They spawn in farms of eight in camps and can be bought from a Near Harad plant trader.


Morgul-shrooms can be eaten to restore 4 (4food). They are also a crucial ingredient when brewing Orc draught, as seen below.

brewing recipe
any bone
any bone
any bone
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Orc Draught

Farming Edit

Morgul-shrooms can be farmed: When a mushroom is placed on Mordor rock in any biome with water nearby, over time, it will multiply and the mushrooms will spread over the land. Morgul-shrooms, like vanilla mushrooms, will only spread in dark areas.
Morgul-Shroom Farm

Example of Morgul-shroom farm.

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