Moredain villages are group structures that spawn in the Far Harad (arid) savannah and Far Harad forest biomes, in populated regions only. They are the main settlements and homes of the Moredain.

The village is made up of huts made of brick, clay, thatch, and wood. Normally there are:

These villages spawn only in the "HaradPopulated:true" variants of the savannah, arid savannah, and forest as opposed to the hunter camps, which spawn only in the unpopulated variants. This means that naturally-spawned Moredain will always be wandering through the village, in addition to those who live in the huts.

Moredain Village HutEdit

Moredain village huts are small and rudimentary, serving as simple homes for the Moredain people. The general structure for a Moredain village hut is a hardened clay foundation, Moredain brick walls, and a thatch roof supported by wooden fence posts.

The floor is usually comprised of dirt, but some thatch may be found there, having fallen in from the ceiling. The building is illuminated with regular torches.

Inside the hut are two straw beds, a regular crafting table, a Moredain crafting table, and a basket. The basket may contain a variety of items, from food to Moredain equipment. Overall it is a good place to loot.

Moredain Chieftan HutEdit

Moredain chieftain huts are made of Moredain brick, hardened clay, thatch, acacia planks, and other materials. They are larger than a normal Moredain hut and have several Moredain banners inside as well as two lion fur beds, a makeshift throne, one basket with loot, a vanilla crafting table and a Moredain crafting table. They are very similar to Half-troll warlord houses.

Moredain chieftains spawn inside, from which warriors can be hired.

Inside the basket, you will find anything that the Moredain use in their everyday lives, such as various meats, weapons, and armour.

Moredain Trader HutEdit

Moredain trader huts look similar to a normal hut, but can be told apart by the orange stained clay used in the walls. A village can contain between zero and two trader huts.

The hut is home to a Moredain trader. This can be either a hutmaker or a huntsman; the different types spawn with equal probability. Inside the hut you will always find six empty baskets and a Moredain crafting table.

For the trading lists, please look up the hutmaker or the huntsman.


Moredain Shield  The Moredain of Far Harad  Moredain Banner

NPCs: Moredain (Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: ChieftainHuntsmanHutmaker
Items: Armour (Chieftain) • Equipment
Blocks: BasketBrickCrafting Table
Structures: Hunter CampVillage

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