Morwaith Hutmakers are Morwaith traders who live in the Morwaith villages. They are found inside Morwaith trader huts and can be identified by the block of hardened clay they carry. They do not actually build anything; they simply sell materials related to hutmaking.

Upon trading with a Morwaith Hutmaker, the player earns the achievement "Tribal Gifts"

Trading Edit

You can buy the following items from a Morwaith trader (depending on the trader type):

Item Quantity Price Image
Acacia wood planks 4 2-3 PlanksAcacia
Feather 1 3-5 Feather
Hardened Clay 4 2-3 HardenedClay
Morwaith brick 4 1 Morwaith Brick
Orange stained clay 4 2-4 OrangeStainedClay
Thatch block 4 2-3 Thatch

You can sell to the Morwaith trader:

Item Quantity Price Image
Clay 4 1 Clay
Coal 2 1 Coal
Dirt 8 1 BarrenDirt
Red Sand Gem 4 1 RedSandGem
Stick 8 1 Stick
Wheat 3 1 Wheat
Yellow Sand Gem 4 1 YellowSandGem
Moredain Shield  The Morwaith of Far Harad  Moredain Banner

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