Mordor Towers are structures generated in the Mordor biome. They are tall buildings made of Mordor Brick with multiple floors and a central spiral staircase, and are often filled with Mordor Orcs. At the very top of each tower, an Mordor Orc Chieftain, who will allow you to hire Mordor units. On the second-highest level there are three barrels and three Orc bombs.

Looting out these towers is the only way (with the exception of dungeons) a player with a negative Mordor alignment is able to wield the Fire of Orthanc (it does not drop from Orc bombardiers).

Loot Edit

There are no chests in Mordor Towers, but there are barrels of Orc Draught and three Orc Bombs, as well as a Mordor Orc Chieftain.


Mordor Shield  The Legions of Mordor  Mordor Banner

Mobs: Black Uruk (Archer) • Olog-haiOrc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier)
SlaveSpiderWarg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainSlaverSpider KeeperTrader
Items: Armour (Black Uruk, Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • Equipment (Black Uruk, Morgul) • Skull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeMossThornsTorch (Morgul)
Structures: CampDungeonFarmSpider PitTower (Slaver) • Warg Pit

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