This page lists the damage dealt by many of the (non-boss) mobs in the LotR Mod, sorted in increasing order.

NPC Damage (HP) Notes
Hobbit Shirriff ranged attack 2
Taurethrim Blowgunner 2-3
Hobbit Shirriff melee attack 3
Ranger of the North ranged/melee attack 3
Rohirrim Bowman 3
Mordor Orc Archer 3 May hit 4 HP on rare occasions.
Gondor Archer 3-4
Black Uruk Archer 4
Gondor Tower Guard melee attack 4
High Elf Warrior ranged attack 4
Huorn 4
Hill-troll ranged attack 5
Gondor Soldier 5 If wielding a sword.
Rohirrim 5 If wielding a sword.
Troll 5
Most Wargs 5
High Elf Warrior 5-6
Swan Knight 5-6
Uruk-hai 5-6 If wielding a scimitar or pike.
Utumno Orc 5-6 If wielding a sword.
Morwaith Warrior 6
Mordor Orc 6 If wielding a battleaxe.
Uruk-hai Crossbower 6 Strongest ranged attack of any evil unit.
Black Uruk 7 If wielding a battleaxe.
Gondor Soldier 7 If wielding a warhammer.
May hit 8 HP on rare occasions.
Gundabad Uruk 7 If wielding a Pike, sword or cleaver
Dwarf Axe-Thrower,

Blue Mountains Axe-thrower

7 Strongest ranged attack in the mod.
Ent 7
Hill-troll melee attack 7
Olog-hai 7 Also deals area damage.
Dwarven Warrior,

Blue Mountains Warrior

7-8 If wielding a warhammer.

Strongest melee attack of any good unit

Utumno Orc 7-8 If wielding a warhammer.
Balrog 10 Strongest melee attack in the mod.
Exploding Termite ~14 At point blank
Orc Bombardier ~40 At point blank
Warg Bombardier ~100 At point blank.

Strongest attack in the mod, period.