Make your way to the Lord of the Rings world in our epic pvp/factions LOTR modded server! Go rank by rank inside your faction and become a major warlord or even its leader and check out the donor classes as well! Custom PVP arenas, large shop, plotworld, and other features will come soon such as minigames. TO JOIN A FAC: ask the leader of said fac (/clan list  and  /clan profile).

Faction Availability:

1. Arnor (taken)

2. High Elves (taken)

3. Wizards (taken)

4. Dol Guldur (taken)

5. Mordor (taken)

6. Rohan (taken)

7. Wooodland Realm (taken)

8. Gundabad (taken)

9. Gondor/Dol Amroth

10. Iron Hills

11. Isengard


Helm's Deep: Complete

Weathertop/AmonSul complete.

Dol Guldur: Complete

Mount Gundabad: Not finished - by Arthod

All this on:

Runs on LOTR mod version 24.4.

(Note: Due to popular (overwhelming) request, this server no longer operates on the mechanics of a prison server)

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